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08-01-2005, 01:17
This (http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2264) is the setup. I guess this will be a rather warlike intense game. Akots wanted us to have comparable civs and somehow I ended with the Maya while he took Sumeria.

Hmm...the Maya...they have the newbie UU of the ages (it looks cooler with its enslave ability than it is). What I really like is their cities all named after food, but more of that later.

Kingreno made the map and named me correct :) He again gave me a headace with the start he made for me.


I could simply could not resist the gold hill, so I moved the settler to the gold hill and started to road the start tile, next will be cow, then wines then back to the city. I really feared I may trash the game here, but viola.


What I plan to do next:

Research: warrior code, the wheel and (if horses are close) horseback riding. I do not need spears and I plan on skipping swords and favor a mixture of horsemen and javelins.

Expand: maybe more than seems save on a tiny map with only a human enemy, but we will see.

08-01-2005, 01:25
Here I am again with... my Wonderful Factory !! [cool] It seems you can set up a factory in your capital that will spawn 1 warrior and 1 settler every 4 turns. You have to mine the cow, the wheat, a few bonus grasslands, and keep a forest unchopped. I bet you're glad to have moved on the gold hill, with that wheat in range now. [groucho] Getting a better start than that is difficult : wonderful factory + gold in city tile, being agricultural and industrious (more population quickly, and more tile improvements quickly, all for the factory). [goodjob] Good luck, akots is a tough opponent ; I couldn't resist his more solid yet more adventurous skills in our game (it was a 1v1 with no AI as well).

09-01-2005, 21:29
We did a quick session of 19 turns and I now have the 3000BC save at my hands. I spent quite some time to analyse akots moves. I am quite sure he now has 2 reg. enkidu warriors and a partly pop-rushed barracks. He does not have a second city and unless I am completely mistaken not even a settler. If I calculate correct he could complete a settler next turn, or he might do a granary even.

This is my empire


I suspect his to be quite similar from the start, but he has irrigated the cow and settled on spot.

Since he has preferred an early barracks over a granary, I may have coming him at me soon and that will get me into problems. Not that I fear his enkidus on attack, but they will be a big problem on a pillaging mission.

I have researched warrior code and the wheel - no SGL. Horses are near, so I will do horseback next. I realised - a bit late I admit - that javelins are 30 shields. I know it was stupid to take them without looking at them again first, but how do they compare to bowmen? Enslave is definetely worse than defensive bombard - I'd say - so I did not even think they could cost something else but 20 shields. [cry]

10-01-2005, 21:59
We did another 16 turns last night and it's now 2270BC. Akots completed a granary in 2850BC and still had no settler, so he was up to make his capital a settler factory. I switched mine too granary too. I had a momentum of growth for some turns then in 2430BC an enkidu showed.

Trail of the enkidu.

He could have really troubled me. If he went straight for my lands, he could have pillaged me heavily - or would I have to attack him with a reg. warrior -> suicide. Moving the warrior to the mountain immediately may have given him the message, that I have more units near ?!? - I do not know. Fact is he traveled around my lands and my warrior was looking down at him from the mountains.

In 2510BC he still had no more than the 2 enkidus he started with and from his settler output he has not built anything but settlers in his capital (unless he does enkidu/settler in 4 - which is possible). Since he has 3 towns now, it could well be he has a 3rd now, but I doubt it. With my vet. javelins we are everage now and military service is only telling me he has 2 at least.

I am now considering the option of doing a quick 3 javelins and tease him a bit too. Chicken can do them easily in 3 now.

Edit: thinking again about the above it seems very probable he is doing enkidu/settler in 3 and since they are only 10 shields...


10-01-2005, 22:29
EW's are nice, cheap spearman, but they don't upgrade to swords, they upgrade to pikes. if he wants swords, he will have to build them from scratch. you, on the other hand, can pump vet warriors + settlers, then upgrade them when IW comes in and iron is hooked up. just a thought...

oh, and i agree, JT's are not very useful. even with barbs on, they don't produce enough slaves to justify the 30 shields they need. oh well, live and learn :)

edit: if your feeling really bold, you could even attack his EW with a warrior (if you have excess) to trip his GA while he only has 2 or 3 towns. that might screw him up as well.

11-01-2005, 02:34
Hehe. That would have been funny. Waste his golden age. If you can risk doing it...

Damn you all for making food related cities. Makes me hungry.

At least your traits are better than your uu. On the other hand, if the UU was better, people would complain that it unbalances the game...

11-01-2005, 15:17
I guess I will at least follow his enkidu a bit with my warrior. He will not attack himself and I doubt I can corner him soon, but I may still give him something to think of.

11-01-2005, 15:42
Don't you want to give him a very early GA? It will come some time soon anyway and IMHO it is best to do it while he has a very limited number of cities.

11-01-2005, 17:27
As I said I doubt I can corner him that soon, so he can evade my warrior for some time. I moved it next to his enkidu for now, but following him all over the map, if he runs away seems pointless.

16-01-2005, 13:33
I am still chasing his Enkidu around. I now have a city on the horses, which will be connected in 3 turns. I will be able to produce a horse every 2 turns in Chicken. I decided to stick with javelins and horses while he probably will build swords (just a guess though).

After researching mathematics, I had a look on what techs he has (red), he does not have (green) and he probably has or is researching (?). I am uncertain about the horses and wheel path. I very probably got them first and since he has writing I am quite sure he went philo and - in the long run - republic.

I will go the lower path to monarchy, getting all these techs first; important imo, since SGL are on. I may end with the weaker government, but depending on how the war will go (and who declares) monarchy might not be that bad.


25-01-2005, 13:49
It seems I made a "do or die"-deceision by getting CI to 15spt asap. Akots seems to rely on his enkidus and has ourgrown me by far - at least his number of citied seems to be very high. I sent a small strike force over to him and since my experience with tiny maps is limited at least, I am not sure I did it right.

I currently have 3 JT + a horse in a stack and since I can build a horce in CI every 2nd turn, I will probably have a stack of 3 JT + 3 horses when I arrive. Their task will be to stop his growth, pillage and maybe raze a city or capture a worker or two. Copan is now building my settlers and I hope to be able to slow him down enough, so I still will have a chance. Judging from the wonders screen, no one did get a SGL yet.

Sad news is I lost track of his Enkidu :(


05-02-2005, 13:00
Our first battles happened in 1300BC (turn 67). I lost 3 javelins and 1 horse, killing 2 enkidus and getting one horse promoted to elite. I do not think my plan - slowing his growth and pillage some tiles - will work. He has far too many enkidus for me to have success. I did not see a sword yet (surprisingly). On the plus, I caused his GA, while I avoided mine and I know the location of his scouting enkidus (most I think).

On the downside, I think I severly screwed tactically and have already lost this game, but who knows what happens.





14-02-2005, 04:14
It is now 1025BC and I am my 2nd turn of anarchy. The Republic will be founded in 3 turns. Akots is cleverly taking advantage of the mountain ridge KR made. I did barely notice how small the gap in which I can attack him is and was lucky to get my horses there in time.


He is now stronger in all aspects including military strength. My only advantage is that he is still in Despotism and is having his golden age in it for some turns, while I can try to tigger my GA after I have successfully entered Monarchy. This is my only plus in this game and I doubt it will be enough.

My lands right now.


29-03-2005, 12:44
Turn 106 / 410BC:

I think I am deeply screwed for some turns. Akots used the mountains together with his EW for a big advatage. Even if rng goes well I always need 30 shields (horse) to kill a 10 shield (EW). So he pushed me back and was even able to raze a city.

I did not form a republic (in a locked war?!?) - this was just a typo, as I do not even have the tech. After I became a Monarchy I triggered my GA, researched IW and stopped all research. I have powerfull cities now and use all my cash to cashrush - so I will fall back even more. Akots had a despotic GA and is in anarchy right now. Given that circumstances I could push him back and might be able to launch a counter attack.

He is already very sure he will win (and he is correct i that). He tells me how long his anarchy is, he rushed the ToA with a SGL instead of the Pyramids, etc. and since he told me he will enter the MA in 1 turn I can't do anything about it. He will rip me with MDI, pike and knights soon.

I chose not to reseach anymore - I would have been dead if I hadn't. So I can still prolong this game a bit.

I have now a mixed army of swords and horses and recently added 2 cats.

The front
The north
Zoomed out
My techs (for the rest of the game)

08-04-2005, 13:34
Turn 114 / 270BC:

Changed my plans. I researched Construction at max in the last 3 turns and will complete it next one. I need fortresses and barricades. I especially need one of them on the grassland sw of Quiriguá. I have 3 cats now (4 next turn), that are bombing the mountain next to it for some turns. Akots retreats his Enkidus to the mountain sw (which was in neutral territory) to heal, therefore I rushed a temple in Quiriguá. I guess I caught him by surprise with the borders expanding this turn. I also finally took that blasted mountain and I got a MGL in a battle nw (you can still see the elite sword near the incense).

This is my "now or never" setup.

Unless akots is very daring and lucky it should hold, shouldn't it? If he breaks any of my three stacks I probably will concede the game.

The workers in Quiriguá will construct the fortress on the grassland in the next two turns. You can barely see that I roaded a way through the northernmost mountain of the chain and I will start to road the one east of Quiriguá next turn.

Meanwhile in another part of the world:

These are my lands:

09-04-2005, 21:43
Akots did not dare to attack, instead he fled back - or as he put it "Time to regroup a bit it seems" [lol]. If he had attacked, he could have decided the game, but he also could have experienced a serious setback, if he failed. I guess it was a clever deceision not to try, but killing the leader or the worker stack and then getting the empty Quiriguá must have tempted him at least a bit [hmm].

I know this might only be a short period of hope, as he now has MDI and pikes (I did not see knights yet). He is "regrouping" some tiles away i.e. he accumulates his horses and enkidu.

And some pics from 230BC.

an empty city [hmm]


my stack

15-04-2005, 10:19
grs - is it common for Germans to have a killer speeling syndrome?

Spolier? ;)

15-04-2005, 10:19

My 11 swords above were killed on mountains/hills like they were nothing. I have one remaining stack next to Kuara. It consists out of 12 swords, 5 horses, 4 cats and a 3 sword army (all units veteran). For the first time since long, my military is average to his again.


18-04-2005, 10:44
After suffering very heavy losses again grs the foolish has surrendered and the Mayan empire has collapsed.

Rik Meleet
18-04-2005, 12:47

Thanks for the spoiler.

18-04-2005, 15:37
Good game it was! Great battles were fought and lots of blood spilled all over the place!

The only real setback for you apparently was not having early settler factory and not enough workers or so it seems but may be I'm wrong here. I've built really many workers to compensate for your industrious trait and or course E-guys, probably nothing else for the first 70 turns. Despotic Golden Age seems to be not that bad on this map as well.

18-04-2005, 15:39
quote:Originally posted by grs
... My 11 swords above were killed on mountains/hills like they were nothing. ...

I was having about 25 horsemen running around your stack waiting for it to descend from the mountains. [evil]

18-04-2005, 15:44
quote:Originally posted by grs
Akots did not dare to attack, instead he fled back - or as he put it "Time to regroup a bit it seems" [lol]. If he had attacked, he could have decided the game, but he also could have experienced a serious setback, if he failed. ...

With knights coming around in a few turns and some spare cash to upgrade the E-guys to pikemen, it was a reasonable thing to do. Why risk all these troops, I did not need all-or-nothing rush to win, you needed it and went for it. It was possible for me to win methodically and slowly since my advantage grew with time especially after your Golden Age finished.

18-04-2005, 16:14
quote:Originally posted by grs

After suffering very heavy losses again grs the foolish has surrendered and the Mayan empire has collapsed.

grs the smart, but outsmarted, rather :)