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Default Civ4 revival #3?

I enjoyed the last two games a lot! So now I'm wondering about a third game. I'd definitely like to do it again, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But I'm not sure how many players we'd be able to find this time. We scared off my Finnish friends, who either didn't know the game so well or were hoping to play SimCity in a different context. And something tells me this was a one time back-to-the-old-glory thing for Stapel and ProPain. We'll never see BrunchTime ever again either.

So my suggestion would be that we hereby announce another be started in September. Summer is not a good time for gaming, but this will also give us plenty of time to find more players. I'll put up the same announcement on the other site and then we'll see if we have enough.

Who's in?
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I'm perfectly willing to play the punching bag on a pangea where you guys can reap some retribution for the last 2. And/or to take the time to build a properly balanced map.
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Provided I manage to get it installed. Does it run on Win 10? And I'll need some time to learn how to play it but with a game starting in september that should not be a problem.
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Lt. Killer M
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well, after that most ignominious last game I am sure willing to spend some time!
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I am unsure. September is far enough away, but time was quite limited since mid of march for playing...
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