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Default Season 3

Yesterday I won a race in the Africa Tour !! Imperio "Imperial" Battaglin, an Italian dude, finished the race with more than 7 minutes before the 2nd one. This was a mountain stage with much downhill, crazy.

I wanna see the details now (hope they're online soon).
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Gave up playing this some weeks ago.
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Tubby Rower
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I've just set a team and am waiting on PP to fix everything before spending any more time on it. I did go in there and set my lineups for the whole season and am 6-8th in the Pro tour []
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I am doing what Tubby is doing and training my youngsters
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Well the new engine is online now and we're putting in overtime to get game logs online tonight. After that balancing the engine will start but we feel performance is much better than the old engine already.

The time the engine needs to simulate a race is much more than the last however so now we need to spread out races and start optimising the engine use.
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