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Originally Posted by socralynnek View Post
I guess, complexity of how the logics work should be kind of connected to the desired game flow.
Is it more like a game where you duel for an hour or a few in one go?
Or more like you login like once a day and make your turn and a game might last a few months...or both?

Seems like you want a game where you can micromanage a lot? (Which would then more fit to the second style)
The primary objective is one-turn-per-day gameplay, thus a game that can take months to complete. So indeed, micromanaging/optimizing your economy should actually be a fun part of the game, as well as diplomacy.

That also means thinking along the lines of what it means when you actually don't see the other players moving their units, as is the case in pitboss. During pitboss games, you actually miss a lot of what's going on. I'll elaborate a bit more on that in a separate post.

Nonetheless, given the fact that games will last for so long, it would not be fair of fun for players to have to learn the game mechanics along the way of such a game. Single player and "power session" gameplay needs to be supported, which means having an AI. We'll also need an AI for players who are going on a holiday or something like that, so that they don't have to rely on a substitute player (which should be supported as well). In the words of Saruman: we have work to do.

Originally Posted by socralynnek View Post
By the way, I am a programmer, too, and of course always wanted to do games; but with php I only came in contact very shortly at the university; I am more comfortable with C++/C#
Cool. We won't be using a C-language, but programming is programming, and other languages are just a different syntax with the same way of thinking. Vue.JS, which we'll be using for front-end programming, is like playing with LEGO for programmers. If you want to learn that, it's better to start with that immediately without having to learn JavaScript first. It's actually easier than JavaScript!

PHP is pretty crude, but I learned to love it for its simplicity. It's incredibly efficient, but you would have to get used to it being a dynamic typed language, meaning variable types can be converted implicitly, which can give unintended results without compiling errors. But the way objects and arrays work really do offer efficiency.

Anyway, at the moment I'm still building the base/foundation/fundament of the project, so there's little point to join now. Once that's done, it'll be on GitHub and you and other programmers are welcome to join.

Originally Posted by Rik Meleet View Post
Not working. I guess the site is down.
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