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Looking at population and empire size, indeed I agree one would expect me to be outproducing my opponents by a very large margin but the statistics tell a different story, I fear.


When looking at mfg goods, Mali only outproduces the nearest opponent (Matrix) by a mere 33% for example, and probably almost has double the amount of hammers per turn than Darkness. This in itself kinda factors out the quick military conquest win since - especially attacking oversea areas - you're going to need a lot more armies than the enemy has, and be prepared to sustain heavy losses and still emerge victorious.

For example, the entire 14 cav campaign of the past few turns has taken a full 16 GA-turns to prepare, and that also had some element of surprise adding to the success. It would probably take at least 25 turns of full-blown military production to come up with another 14 cavs ready to be shipped again, and during that time Darkness's army will have grown as well.

Of course, this process could be sped up by drafting/whipping an army (a very strong strategy) but I already explained that I do not want to use that unless necessary, since I'm too much of a builder for that.

And it won't be necessary, because in this game, research is at this moment the driving force for Mali's success:


GNP is almost 300% better than the nearest rival (which also happens to be a friendly AI), and considering that I do not doubt my current upkeep costs as well as the amount of commerce-enhancing improvements (market/grocer/obs/uni) is by far the biggest of all players, total science output is most likely even higher.

Therefore, what the future atm brings (a process that has been started after the GA finished) is that I'm going to translate this advantage to an overwhelming tech lead, which will result in vastly superior units eventually taking down the others one by one.

That sounds really good on paper, but it does mean a few more turns will pass without much real intense warfare (of course, the american patrols will always be standing by to do damage, but still I expect the next real war to be taking place with Matrix). While I'm very much enjoying seeing my own empire grow, maybe the others won;t be so happy... so a victory by resignation is what I would expect foremost. Else, it will probably be a military conquest, the spaceship in civ4 is way too far in techs to wait for. That could mean that I'll have to finish the game as a SP game, since I think at least one AI might survive the human opponents.

Concluding, since it was missing during the last major update, with the demographics, to help interpret the graphs:


As for your final remark on how the empire has become what it is now... I'm not sure what to answer there, except that of course the very early extra worker taken from Rome was a great help in this particular game.
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quote:Originally posted by Kemal[i]
As for your final remark on how the empire has become what it is now... I'm not sure what to answer there, except that of course the very early extra worker taken from Rome was a great help in this particular game.
Never mind that, its probably your intricate use of civics, specialist, land use and knowing when and where to attack. If i had the time to study this game more i'd love to challenge you but alas too much else to do
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Small update again, there has not been much military action lately despite the success of the campaign vs BCLG earlier. There had been some ideas in a preliminary phase to invade Matrix, but those have been put on hold for now again. I suppose some info on the "whys" and "whens" might be in order.

First of all, beaker production has been soaring lately which has translated into reaching the next age in the latest turn, 1270 AD, via the invention of Steam Power:


This rise in scientific production comes from the fact that I've been focusing on domestic builds and city growth again for the last 10 turns or so, utilizing slavery and organized religion again before shifting to free religion and serfdom again 2 turns ago. With the construction of universities in most major cities, stone was reconnected to the empire and another small wonder was started on:


All this increase in science resulted in the following F2-tally:


If those fixed costs and beaker output stats are compared to Matrix's income:


His 80gpt is earning me around 134bpt. Considering the costs of an invasion plus the additional period of resistance and extra upkeep before state property, had lead me to believe that holding off an invasion for now is more beneficial to the empire's economy, while I make a run towards vastly superior equipment to speed up conquest later on.
This btw also means that Matrix, who is buying these techs at 60% cost, actually could be seen as overpaying me regardless of the 40% reduction: for every 1000-beaker tech he pays 600g, which translates into 1005 beakers for me, and that number rises as more observatories and universities are completed.
He pays less, I get more... don't you just love the civ4 economy?

So, the next few turns will be rather uneventful... BCLG has been gifting his last few units to Darkness it seems, making attacking him suicide, so I left a few units wandering in America and blocked most coastal tiles using galleons and caravels, restricting tile usage for them.

Next targets will be Railroad, Assembly line and perhaps Flight.
<b>\"In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die\" </b>
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Good game kemal, it was hard to play as though i hadnt read your spoiler. The empire grs left me was not brilliant to say the least- im not sure what had been going on, probably the conquest of Egypt.
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quote:Originally posted by Kemal

- My war with Rome wasn't the only war that has taken place so far. Matrix refused to give writing to Montezuma, which was not a good idea it turned out.

Monty of course declared war, and somehow, somewhere they managed to obtain Iron Working, and jags started pouring Matrix's way. Even though they are 1 strength short of swords, their non-resource advantage plus combat 1 meant Matrix was always fighting a defensive war here.
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