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Default What this hall is about

I'm thinking of a big project but have no time to finish it because of job and other RL things going on. So, to put it short, these are the things in the plan:

0) Collection of my civ poetry. Others are wellcome to post or spam, just make sure it is original.

The stuff probably does not belong to OT forum because IT IS on topic.

Most recent stuff moved to top:

1) Civ4 PBEMs:

against grs (Qin versus Mali), Qin won (vanilla 1.61)

against krys (Ceasar versus Qin), Ceasar won (vanilla 1.61)

Civ3 PBEMs:

Obormot (rematch). We both play as India on a fine map made by grahamiam. Progressing well but the outcome is completely unclear.

2) Spoiler of PBEM with anarres (moving at about 2-3 turns/week). But lots of interesting things are going on there. Anarres is not playing this one recently. Game stalled.

3) Spoilers of PBEM played over at CFC mostly hosted by LouLong and Eliit. These games are moving sometimes very well considering the number of human players. The list includes:

Another Napoleonic game Arcole as France. Being badly hammered by Britain (Random fan). But still surviving somehow and not doing very bad there. Game apparently dead.

Middle Ages scenario PBEM at CFC with me playing as Abassids. Game is moving rather slowly but steadily. The Danes (played by Random fan) hammer everything everywhere. But I'm still surviving in the corner. Game definitely dead. Somebody is killing games at CFC.

4) Swimming Pool. Tough company and tough game. The game is dead

5) 2v2v2v2 game with Stapel, Killer, and KingReno. Fierce research race. Game is stalled. Now Markstar has replaced Kingreno, may be it wil start moving again. No way, this one is dead.

6) TC3 game. Not much is going on there, start is kinda slow. But moving. Game died.

7) Deathmatch IV. Beam, Dell19, Matrix and me battle for world domination starting at the dawn of modern era with Kingreno's mod of unit-producing wonders. Game dead.

Games against:

Justus_II. Decisive phase there. Game suspended.

Finished games:

Aganist Arghis has been ended, I have won. Against Krys has been ended, I have won. Against OPD has been ended, I have won.

Deathmatch III. Never mind, the was no spoiler, Beam has won so everything is in his and Matrix's spoilers. It was a great game.

Sengoku scenario (6 human, 2AI). Date there, just started. With Loulong, Kuningas, rcoutme, portuga and romeo. I have lost as Date on turn 23 or so when my Damio has been killed by Portuga. It has been a really bad start without iron and I had to face early swordsmen rush.

Rise of Rome scenario (5 human + 3 AI). I was playing as Macedon. Very gory war against Persia. Game has ended, Rubberjello won histographic victory, I'm second in score.

Another RoR game as Carthage (Cunctator). Matrix plays Rome there. Game has been won by me by Domination victory after Rome has been eliminated. For details see Matrix's and Arghis' spoilers.

Mesoamerican scenario (3 human + 3 AI) with Ellit and Loulong on Regent level. Maya there, won by Domination.

Napoleonic scenario Grognards (7 human + 1 AI). Austria with very complicated Diplo there between France, Britain, Ottoman, Russia, and Prussia. It is a messy game indeed. France has been eliminated as well as Prussia so the game is down to active war between Austria (me) + Ottomans (El_OSO) against Russia (Steph) and Britain (Rubberjello) against Spain (Loulong). Game finished. Rubberjello won, I came second. Ottomans third, the others did not survive to the end.

101 PBEM at CFC playing Mesoamerican scenario with Kuningas and E-man and 3 AI on Deity difficulty. Just started recently. We are already on turn 65. Fierce fight between heroic Aztec (me) and E-man's Maya. Kuningas is in the builder mode there. Game ended by E-man gifiting all his cities to Kuningas.

StrictlyRockers. I'm playing Ottomans and SR is Shumeria with wild Lighthouse rush on a continents map. Game killed by Stricktly Rockers.

Grs. Sumeria (me) versus Maya. Gory battles going on and no end to it. Game finished, Grs resigned after turn 121.

Bedhead (China) versus me as Aztec. Game ended on turn 228, when I managed to build Hoover and Bedhead resigned.

Grahamiam. Will Holy Roman Empire (me) dominante over Persian Kingdom? On a very tough map it went. Game was decided in my favor due to massive nuking of Persian core on turn 287.

A seafaring game mod (6 human). Viking without longships. They took away my longships saying it is too much of an advantage. Other players include Rubberjello as Byzantines, Rcoutme as Portugal (replaced), Dogboy as Dutch, Eliit as England (replaced by semental), and Luolong as Spain. Game was progressing well and berserks are well worth their fame! Game decided on 580AD due to overwhelming military advantage of Scandinavia.

Another Loulong's game - PBEM with his cool scenario "Great Armada". A fascinating medieval clash of arms bringing it back to the war of religions in 15-16th centuries. I play as France and Maghrib, Loulong plays Scotland, Ironduck as Spain, Hawklord as Dutch and English, and semental as Ireland and The League. Game just started recently, cool units and possible cool strategies there with tough economical problems (essentially no workers). The game ended by rance celebrating a victory over all rivals on VP advantage. Both Hawklord's civs were eliminated but France amanged to kill the League and recapture most of Ireland and England while advancing towards Scotland. Spain had put a good fight against Maghrib but it was not enough to counter advancement of France in the north.

Game with Rik. Just going to start on this one, noAI there, tiny map. I play Zulu and Rik as Egypt. Completely even match imo, Impi against War Chariots. What will win? Defence or attack? Rik resigned on turn 88 being overrun by the impi rush.

Game against Obormot. Rome against the chariots, steel versus speed and defense versus offense. Defence (Rome) won on turn 83 when Obormot resigned. Early chariot rush failed and most of Egyptian military was destroyed while Roman forces were still essentially intact.
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Seafaring is actually 6 humans (but maybe Spain does not count, or not as human ). And sorry for your longship

Anyway looks like it could be a nice thread. Except I am feeling I should not visit it too often, considering most PBEMs you are involved in seem to include me .
Hope it shows to some here that many humans PBEMs can go quite fast though.

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