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Default PBEM/Pitboss list

Explanation of icons for the Pitboss games:
Alive and kicking
Mere survivor
The hero

Civilization IV

Running Pitbosses

Once More unto the Breach (spoiler)
Difficulty: prince
Map: fractal, large
Speed: normal
Beorn, Cyrus
Matrix, Charlemagne
Vili, Washington
jakeri, Julius Caesar
(MV I) ProPain/KingReno, Tokugawa
socralynnek, Hammurabi
Sami, Genghis Khan
Lt. 'Killer' M., Napoleon
Jeke, Mansa Musa
Tazca, Joao II

Finished Pitbosses

Cut the Crap (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: fractal, large
Speed: normal
(Plux) Stapel, Hatshepsut
BCLG100, Kublai Khan
NHJ, Saladin
socralynnek, Hannibal
akots, Wang Kon
Nitro, Rangar
Matrix, Elizabeth
Beam, Charlemagne
barbu1977, Washington
Robi D, Tokugawa
IanDC, Gilgamesh

Rule the World II (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: Earth
Speed: normal
akots, Asoka
BCLG100, Mao Zedong
Robi D, Julius Caesar
(killercane) Shabbaman, Genghis Khan
grahamiam, Ramesses II
socralynnek, Shaka
DanDRidge, Catherine
IanDC, Mansa Musa
NHJ, Huayna Capac
Matrix, Montezuma
Nitro, Sitting Bull
Robboo, Pacal II
Beam, Suryavarman II
Darkness, Ragnar

Texas Hold 'em (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: huge, archipelago, low sea level
Speed: normal
Options: no tech trading, no vassals
mauer, Frederick
BCLG100, Ragnar
Matrix, Hannibal
Robboo, Mansa Musa
IanDC, Elizabeth
barbu1977, Willem van Oranje
Robi D, Justinian I
grahamiam, Tokugawa
Bodean, Stalin
killercane, Churchill
akots, Augustus Caesar
Nitro, Saladin

Rule the World (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: Earth
Speed: normal
mauer, Asoka
Robi D, Mao Zedong (gone into space)
BCLG100, Julius Caesar
ProPain, Genghis Khan
Shabbaman, Saladin
Matrix, Shaka
akots, Catherine
(Melifluous) killercane, Mansa Musa
Beam, Huayna Capac
Stapel, Montezuma
Robboo, Roosevelt

CFC - OT (Warlords) (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: shuffle, large, temperate, medium sea level
Speed: normal
Javy, Napoleon
De Lorimier, Shaka
Sparta, Brennus (declared winner)
(Robboo) IglooDude, Wang Kon
(Branagawa) AI, Tokugawa
Davo, Stalin
azzaman333, Montezuma
Kan_Sharuminar, Bismarck
EdMcK515, Churchill
VRWCAgent, Qin Shi Huang
Lord Shanemongous, Ragnar
[s]IglooDude[/s] Matrix, Genghis Khan
Elrohir, Cyrus
Bazzo, Huayna Capac
BCLG100, Mehmed II
(HitAnyKey) AI, Hannibal

Evolution Games (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: terra, huge, temperate, high sea level
Speed: normal
grimliin, Julius Caesar
(Taruka Wasuncha) (Great Cottus Arci) Kingpin, Huayna Capac
DaveShack, Montezuma
Great Cottus Arci, Alexander
Herandar, Tokugawa
CB, Saladin
Emperor, Washington
(HitAnyKey) Henry, Cyrus
(facehugger) Spike, Asoka
Corossol, Mansa Musa (gone into space)
Fosse, Elizabeth
fluffymatt, Isabella
Obey, Hatshepsut
niamor, Peter
(Rakkasan21) HitAnyKey, Bismarck
Matrix, Louis XIV
(FortyJ) Elucidus, Qin Shi Huang
Steiner-Davion, Kublai Khan

32 players (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: continents, huge, temperate, medium sea level
Speed: normal
Players: DanDRidge, IanDC, Ionut, Conquistador45, NYURDRMS, Obey, Elucidus, HitAnyKey, Fosse, ThePumaman, CB, Necrominous, Wing Wah, Matrix, DaveShack, IglooDude, boc4j, Amethyst, Darius Silva [AI], fdsa [AI], Osmarchito [AI], Agemo, Unconquered Sun, Magzi, porkdiesel, fdsa, Studlybob, Bernout, porkdiesel, JMaltman, Spike, [KC]CanuckSoldier

CivDuelZone (meagre spoiler)
Difficulty: prince
Map: balanced, large, temperate, medium sea level
Speed: normal
BCLG100, Alexander
IglooDude, Kublai Khan
Robboo, Saladin
Darkness, Qin Shi Huang
socralynnek, Julius Caesar (received love-letters)
(barbu1977) mauer, Catherine
Matrix, Hatshepsut
Tubby Rower, Huayna Capac
RegentMan, Napoleon
DaveShack, Elizabeth
Empire of the Dead, Mansa Musa
grs, Cyrus
Whomp, Asoka

CivFanatics (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: balanced, large, temperate, medium sea level
Speed: quick
DaveShack, Tokugawa
grs, Gandhi
Robi D, Alexander
DaveMcW, Kublai Khan (gone into space)
GeorgeOP, Napoleon
Whomp, Victoria
Theoden, Huayna Capac
AI, Hatshepsut
Matrix, Cyrus
(Bengeance) AI, Saladin
Bataar RegentMan, Bismarck
BCLG100, Montezuma
mauer, Isabella
Robboo, Qin Shi Huang
Kuningas, Peter
Meleager, Julius Caesar
Sigma, Roosevelt
Tubby Rower, Mansa Musa

Unfinished Pitbosses

Return to Duniapetu (spoiler)
Difficulty: noble
Map: tectonics, huge
Speed: normal
Elucidus, Pacal II
Amethsyt, Catherine
Munro, Gandhi
classical_hero, Genghis Khan
Corossol, Willem van Oranje
DaveShack, Wang kon
De Marchi, Qin Shi Huang
Emperor, Darius I
Fosse, Willem van Oranje
HitAnyKey, Willem van Oranje
IanDC, Mehmed II
Kingpin, Suleiman
Louis XXIV, Mansa Musa
Matrix, Augustus Caesar
(oyzar) AI, Julius Caesar
eirich, Ragnar
silcalix, Darius I
whiplash, Pacal II

Finished PBEM's

4+4 (spoiler)
Difficulty: monarch
Map: continents, standard
- Matrix, Genghis Khan
- Kemal, Mansa Musa (declared winner)
- grs, Huayna Capac
- Darkness, Qin Shi Huang
- AI, Julius Caesar
- AI, Montezuma
- AI, Washington

Human Geography (report)
Difficulty: noble
Map: standard, random => pangaea
- Matrix, Saladin (dominator)
- NHL, Genghis Khan
- AI, Cyrus
- AI, Huayna Capac
- AI, Alexander
- AI, Julius Caesar
- AI, Washington

Dead PBEM's

Ignition (spoiler)
Difficulty: prince
Map: wheel, standard
- Matrix, Louis XIV
- Darkness, Mansa Musa
- Romeothemonk, Montezuma
- grs, Qin Shi Huang
- AI, Hatshepsut
- AI, Victoria
- AI, Isabella

Rock on (spoiler)
Difficulty: monarch (I think)
Map: plains, small
- (1) Darkess, Genghis Khan
- (1) Matrix, Victoria
- (2) grahamiam, Alexander
- (2) BCLG100, Montezuma

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quote:Originally posted by Matrix

- Darkness, ??? (China)
Matrix, I am Qin in the 4x4.
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And the big pitboss was noble level i believe
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Custard used tile
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Nice smiley usage there
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Civilization III

Finished PBEM's

DDPP (complete report)
Difficulty: chieftain
Map: standard, pangaea, 80% water, warm, wet, 5 billion, roaming, unbalanced
Players (scores):
- Matrix, Stralanders/Vikings (145, 5th eliminated)
- Kemal, Persians (1638, winner by conquest)
- ProPain, Iroquois (246, 2nd eliminated)
- ERIKK/Skyfish, This/Americans (148, 3rd eliminated)
- Redwatch/Aggie/Killer/grs, Egyptians (166, 1st eliminated)
- Plux/Stapel, Japanese (212, 4th eliminated)

1on1 against anarres (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: standard, random, balanced

Players (scores):
- Matrix, Vikings (426)
- anarres, Arabs (2797, winner)
- 6 AI (3 or 4 dead)

Tiny Chaos II (spoiler)
Difficulty: deity, with 2 settlers start
Map: tiny, pangaea (no chuck), warm, wet, restless, balanced
Players (scores):
- digger760, Greeks (639)
- Matrix, Stralanders/Vikings (1016)
- ProPain, Persians (605)
- Markstar, Iroquois (1016, declared winner)

Deathmatch III (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Scenario: standard sized premade map, everything developed, all techs in the bag
Players (scores unknown):
- Matrix
- Beam (winner by domination)
- ProPain
- akots
- tunerica/Shabbaman

Fab Four (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: standard, continents, 70% water, restless, lightly balanced
Players (scores):
- grs, Romans (1141, 1st eliminated)
- Banzai, Iroquois (2394, winner)
- Matrix, Germans (846, 3rd eliminated)
- romeothemonk, Celts (1251, 2nd eliminated)
- 4 AI (3 gone)

Cunctator (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Scenario: Rise of Rome
Players (scores unknown):
- akots, Romans (declared winner)
- Arghis, Macedonians
- romeothemonk, Persians
- Matrix, Carthaginians
- 4 AI

1on1 against Shabbaman (spoiler)
Difficulty: monarch
Map: standard, random, balanced
- Matrix, Babylonians (declared winner)
- Shabbaman, Celts

Tiny Chaos III (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: tiny, extreme archipelago, highly balanced
- digger760/Banzai, Japanese
- The_Mole/Arghis, French
- Matrix, Celts
- akots, Sumerians

Pound (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: standard, continents, 70% water, average climate, raging, unbalanced
- Matrix, Sumerians
- grahamiam, Russians
- Haruka, Dutch
- StrictlyRockers/Emperor_V, Maya
- grs, Portuguese
- Kingreno/barbu1977, Aztecs

Peaky Seas
Difficulty: regent
Scenario: Rise of Rome, no military alliance with AI
- Dell19, Romans
- jack_merchant/rcoutme, Macedonians
- Stapel, Persians
- Metalhead/Matrix, Carthaginians

Deathmatch IV
Difficulty: emperor
Scenario: special (short explanation: start = end industrial age)
- akots, Romans
- Matrix, Egyptians
- Beam, Greeks
- Dell19, French

16+/Superfast (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: standard, two continents, 60% water, balanced
- Engineer: romeothemonk & grahamiam & bed_head7, French
- Killers: Matrix & Lt. Killer M, Egyptians
- Brotherhood of Nod: Kemal & Eldakkar, Sumeria
- A-Team: barbu1977 & Melifluous, Chinese
- Milfhunter: Beam & Kingreno, Ottomans
- Gremlins: Banzai & Darkness & kryszcztov, Romans
- The Civant Alliance: Markstar & Whomp, Dutch
- Team Metal: bathsheba666 & Ville, Aztecs

Stuttgart/Balcony (spoiler)
Difficulty: emperor
Map: standard, pangaea, roaming, balanced
- GrilledBanzai, Iroquois
- SmallTrix, Iroquois
- Markstar, Iroquois
- Beam, Iroquois
- anarchokiller, Iroquois
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