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Default What are you playing?

I'm surprised I see the occasional civ screenshot here, but somehow I have a feeling not all of you are dads on a tight leash who never play computer games anymore So, what are you currently playing?

I'm still playing a bit of Team Fortress 2, but over the last few weeks I've played Cities in Motion 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. I'm not convinced by CiM2, but any Transport Tycoon clone is addictive. I picked up FO:NV in a Steam sale, including all DLC. I had already played the vanilla game on the PS3, but the ultimate edition on PC was cheaper than a single DLC on the PS3. So now I have to play through the main story again, which is... boring. The last time I've played EU4 is two weeks ago, I'm in the endgame of my Castille/Spain game. Which is... boring. I think I'll play Crusader Kings 2 again instead.
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