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Originally Posted by Kingreno View Post
I fear no one is mod for teh travian forum only Meli/shabba/PP can do that...
why don't you play ATERGATIS?
ATERGATIS is a complete version 4.4 private TRAVIAN server(1X to 1000X and even faster servers). It has all the features of TRAVIAN: a version 4.4 high quality map( that loads really fast), master builder, trade roots , farm list and even new features like tribe specific heros, AI for NATARS and .
Make your empire, army and alliance, fight alongside your allies and finally enjoy Daily rewards, Free gold and prizes!
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Exactly, Kingreno, why don't you play that? And you have free prizes, damnit!
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c00l b33r
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Member subscription seems to be working again.
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Oh, I remember playing Travian. Long time ago. Don't miss it...
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seems the spambots are getting smarter or chinese farmers are manually setting up accounts. Good times.
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