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Turn 201-210 (Player: Romeo)

IHT: Build Seat of the Conferacy (Richmond). Build Sin City (Las Vegas)
Turn 1: Rome has nationalism, but we can't afford it. Will let them trade it.
Turn 2: We now have lots of Engineers
Turn 3: Sell electricity to Rome and to England. Get incencse, and 117 gpt, and all their spare gold.
Turn 5: We get nationalism for industrialization and 300 gold. We get demo from England for industry. Steel comes in, combustion in 7.
Turn 9: Bring down some research times.
Turn 10: Pooched up and Miami Riots. We get to research planes in 2 turns. Our infra is getting better.
Not too much to report, as it was rather simple. Go through cities, MM, and RR like crazy.
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Rik Meleet
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Turn 211 - 220 {Player: Rik)

IBT: MM cities in such a way we get Combustion in 1 turn. English middle ages units move towards Ephesus
Combustion is learned. Go for Flight.

- 1 -
MM cities. Ephesus benefits more from an Inf than a temple, so I swithc and cashrush an Inf. Deal with Rome ends next IBT. Buy their silks for 3 luxes + WM + 6gpt.

IBT: English move next to Ephesus. Rome demands The Corp. No way Julius. No war. Boston finishes factory -> Coal plant. Atlanta finishes factory -> Coal plant.

- 2 - Cancel ending lux deal with England. Renegotiate a better deal. I notice Scandinavia is Furious. We have surplus dyes, so I gift it to them. Our core is not prepared for a berserker strike and loosing a city is terrible.

IBT: England sneak attacks. The attacks promote a reg Inf to Vet. Washington starts on Universal Suffrage - ToE prebuild.

- 3 - We had some good deals with England. We are now negative in gpt. I do see the need to cashrush an inf on our bigger island as there is an English city there and we are -very- low on defenses. And Japan still doesn't want to give up a city.

IBT: England MPP with Greece. Wool + furs deal with Rome ends.

- 4 - Sell The Corp to Rome for Wool + Furs + small money + MA against England.

IBT: England signs in China against us.

- 5 - Heavy MM is needed to not go bankrupt.

IBT: an English cav is killed. 2 Chinese Longbows enter our island.

- 6 - MM cities. Kill some units. Flight in 2.

IBT: China and Rome sign MPP. That sucks as I now can't attack Chinese cities. Mao is smart. Pollution in Washington.

- 7- use all the workers and forget to clean up Washington, sorry.

IBT: flight is learned. Next tech: Medicine.

- 8 - Universal Suffrage will be completed in 10 turns. Medicine in 4. To not waste too many shields I switch some tiles around to give Wash more commerce and less shields.

IBT: kill some more attacking English Cavs.

- 9 - Merge some native workers into cities. Since China has horses on the Island I need to draft some Infs to prevent loss of cities.

IBT: Pharsalos builds Settler.

- 10 - Build "Dire straits". MM a tiny bit to keep getting Med in 2.


Cities need to be MM-ed to perfection still. Strategy is to get Med in 2, + Sci Meth in 4, so we won't waste a lot of shield in Washington as the ToE prebuild. Japan will not give up any city for peace. England continues to kill their units on the Infs in Ephesus. China only sends out obsolete units. There is a Vet Inf in Tatung that I used to kill Chinese units wandering in.
Be careful; both England and China have MPP's that we don't want to trigger. So it is not a good idea to take the war into their lands.
Thessalonica is our Achilles-heel. We can't reinforce it and we have no gold to rush a unit there. If enemy forces do land, you might want to consider gifting it away.
Good luck.
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Turn 221 - 230 {Player: Darkness)

1160 AD (1) - Nothing
1170 AD (2) - Discover medicine, start Scientific method.
1180 AD (3) - Nothing
1190 AD (4) - Weīre about to go bankrupt, so I sign peace with England and I give them Medicine for 731 gold and 121 gpt.
1200 AD (5) - Nothing
1210 AD (6) - Discover Scientific method. Switch Washington to ToE (using the big picture), completed. Take atomic theory and electronics (most expensive techs available). Set research to Mass production (MM to 4 turns). Washington to Hoovers
1220 AD (7) - Nothing
1230 AD (8) - Nothing
1240 AD (9) - Barbarian camp dispersed
1250 AD (10) - Discover mass production, start motorized transportation
"Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is heavier than a mountain..." - The Eye of the World
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Change coal plan production to airports.
Hurry infantry in thessalonica
Hire a couple of science guys to get Moto in 4

Chineese offer peace and Yangchow I take it.

1255 (1)
Tassa Inf. -> Inf

Silk deal ends with Rome Give them Medecine (Already known by Japan) for 50gpt, silk, fur, wools and 250g

1260 (2)
Tatung Airport -> Bomber
Chinan Aqueduc -> Bomber
Switch boston from bank to bomber

Elizabeth wants a MPP, Politly say no.

1265 (3)
Boston Bomber -> Bomber
Phili Airport -> Bomber
Atlanta Airport -> Bomber

1270 (4)
Fligh comes around set research to Adv Flight (5 turns)
Chicago Airport ->Bomber
Hurry airport in epeheus so we can bring some workers

1275 (5)
Tientsin Baracks -> Infantry
Detroit Courthouse -> Marketplace
New Orleans Library -> Baracks
Memphis Courthouse -> Barcks
Ephesus Airport -> Baracks

1280 (6)
Athens Courthouse -> Market
Seatle Airport -> Bomber
Miami Factory -> Airport

1285 (7)
Thermo courthouse -> Library
Atlanta Bomber -> Bomber
Baltimore Factory -> Airport
Scandinavia is furious, give Dyes

1290 (8)
Phili Bomber -> Bomber

IT China and England Sing MA against greece
Trade ambargo against us from china and greece as ended

1295 (9)
Advance Flight Comes in.
Boston Bomber -> Bomber
Chicago Bomber -> Bomber
St-Louis Aqueduc -> Paratrooper
Sin City Aqueduc -> Marketplace

I'll finish here because, there is many MM to do and i'm getting sleepy. We need to sell all the science infrastructure, change those scientist to taxman.
I also think all those norten cities should be changed to bombers (would that be an exploit to use civil engineers to produce military material.
Also, I have bad news as Rome and England now have replacable parts.

Next player can probably start to kill some vikings.
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So, who is next? If I jump in, the earliest time I can play will be Saturday morning or afternoon considering the volume of micromanagement. Still there is a shitload of stuff to get through at work after vacation.
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Rik Meleet
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Akots: you can take the turn after Barbu, which means now
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Rik Meleet
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IHT: Move some more stuff around, swap a bunch of scientists to CE's to speed builds. Will attack and crush China on my turn set.

Turn 3: Stupid Peace treaties and MPP's.
Turn 4: Awesomeness. Rome and England sign peace so we can kill the Greeks. Will do. Greece is officially on the short list.
I forgot bombers don't have LLB in this variant.
Just started the attack on Greece. We should be able to roll Greece in the next 2-3 turns. I did some MM, but did not sell science. I cannot bring my self to do that
I upgraded almost all our spears to infantry, as we really need more footsloggers. Akots may want to build more infantry than bombers as the bombers got nerfed.
Sorry for the short turnlog and not playing 10. Over the past 5 days, I found out that I have to move. The Wife and I are now in the process of buying a house, and this really lmits my ability to play and kibitz.
I will still do my best to help the team though.
Social life ? Sounds like fun !! Where can I download that ?
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Rik Meleet
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Well, good news is that I was able to play 7 turns. Greece and China are eliminated and Vikings are being hammered. Bad news is that game crashed on turn 7 while I was RoP raping England. Apparently the process was rather fierce for the engine and I managed to press F3 on the way thus causing an exception error. Here is the log. Tomorrow I'll try to replay turn 7 and will also try to post some pictures.

Preturn check. Lots of changes made. Here is a shortened list:

Two troopers found in chopper in Xinjian, unloaded, moved to Athens and dropped near Knossos. Chopper loaded with infantries instead. Built airfield on gems to be able to get to Japanese town of Jerusalem. Switch many factories in completely corrupt cities to airports or other things more relevant. Switch civil engineers to scientists to speed up research to Rocketry. Irrigated grassland near Boston and joined a worker to get to size 12 which gained us 4 spt. Some corrupt cities are drafted and set to workers. Some builds switched to tanks which were part-rushed. Cincinnati has total of 4 shields. Switched factory build to Bank. At least something. Hangchow has 1 shield total and it a single turn away from Factory, switched to bank. Houston get 3 times shield there were there but we donít have enough workers to finish improvement of tiles there. Denver is building factory but city has 11 shields total and does not have market. Dallas on the other hand switched from Airport to Factory. The list goes on, almost every city changed.

Finally check the diplo (nothing interesting) and press Enter. Many builds ready, we have our first tank.

[1] Mycenae captured at a price of one infantry. Knossos captured by heroic trooper and Greece is eliminated. A slave builds airfield there and one trooper moved back to mainland. Forces moving on to assault on Jerusalem and Hakodate while we are still at war with Japan. I make a RoP deal with England. Houston brought to very decent 26 shields per turn from 11 on a previous turn. First tank airlifted to Ephesus on English continent. It would be a long way. English military is same size as ours and average is strength. Beth is in Democracy and that is no good for us.

IBT. Rocketry comes in and I turned off research.

[2] Many builds finished, we are making +687gpt. Not much but might be OK for the moment. Ephesus had already 4 tanks, moving into position. I just donít see any reason for China to stay alive. We can certainly try to get rid of pesky Mao as well if this does not interfere with our plans against England. Airlifted a bunch of cavalries to Tatung to make sure China will be eliminated rapidly.

[3] Jerusalem bombed and captured. Some more units ready, moving tanks into positions over England.

[4] We capture Hakodate from evil Tokugawa. War with China has started. Ningpo captured. It was completely corrupt city but had 5 spearmen as defenders in it. Anyang captured, only 2 spearmen. Kaifeng also captured. Make peace and RoP deal with Japan. They are in Fascism and it can wait. England is the powerhouse to be destroyed first.

IBT a few cities riot for unknown reason.

[5] Paoting captured with a slave which rushes to build an airfield. China will be probably eliminated next turn. More troops moving to England. Attack on Vikings is almost ready. The problem might be not so much with invasion of the mainland but with multiple islands especially not with getting troops to these islands but getting troops back from these islands.

IBT Deal with Rome expired and we lost 3 luxuries. Time to part with another tech unfortunately.

[6] Atomic Theory sold to Rome in exchange for 3 luxuries, Communism (can be useful) and some change like 42 gpt. Viking city of Bodo is razed with our glorious cavalry. Leaving it would increase rank corruption throughout our empire. China is down to a single redlined spearmen in Nanking. Just out of pure curiosity, silly question. Why our Forbidden Palace is in Seattle? That is the worst possible location for FP imho. Why not Miami, Houston, Baltimore or Buffalo? Even Phili would have been way better.

It seems that next turn we are ready to take over England. We can cut England in two parts by taking London and Dover. This would disrupt their communications. However, on the second thought, it might be reasonable to accumulate more tanks there. We have only 13 and there are lots of infantries around there.

[7] Nanking is razed and China is destroyed. Hareid is captured, it is a certain flip risk but great base for attacks on Vikings. I decide to give it a go with England. They have fresh veteran infantries running around and its not going to get better apparently. Possible targets: London, York, Dover, Nottingham, and Argos as well as rubber near Coventry. Staring with London. London captured, with Bachís in it since tank won against spearman. Dover captured. Argos captured. Canterbury captured. I decide to check how it goes and press F3 and the game crashes. Will try to replay exactly the same moves from the latest save I have or from autosave. Sorry about that, will finish tomorrow.

The game is getting messy.

Looking at the territory graph on the progress page, it seems that we have been researching way too long. A few other teams had started similar conquests around 1000AD and apparently Wacken even earlier. This kills our chance for a victory apparently but we still can finish in a good place.

OK, trying to replay turn 7. London captured, Dover captured, Canterbury and Argos captured. Now, the most important part is not to press F3. Good news end here because our tanks miserably fail to capture Leeds and York. We do capture Nottingham though and get a leader in the process!!! Will apparently form an army of tanks to speed up the slaughter of England. Vikings donít have rubber and it would be way easier to get them. And finally, cavalry miserably fails to capture Reading. This whole operation did not crush England completely but would certainly prevent Beth from researching and would force her into Fascism. Our losses were minimal and the only thing that really threatens is flips and war weariness.

IBT. England counters with a few cavalries, capturing some workers and killing a redlined tank. We also have some war weariness but not bad, hopefully, hooking incense would help.

Alesund captured. Mostly regrouping units in England.

[9] Another turn of transporting, healing and regrouping. England started to draft riflemen. Reading finally razed. There is little point in keeping this infested city.

[10] Coventry captured, Newcastle captured at a price of two tanks. Norwich captured. Southern England is gone except Oxford. Odense captured from the Vikings, airfield built near it on a mountain. Iíll stop here. Did not rush build, micromanage or check diplomacy. Also, did not move workers. We are ready next turn to take Copenhagen and build an airbase on Viking continent. We then can try to make peace, airlift as many tanks as possible (hopefully England would be finished by then) and repeat the evil approach used to crush England. It should not take too long, although England still would be resisting for another 5-7 turns. Then the time of Rome and Japan would come. They are now at war with each other and this is good.

Here are a few screenies.

Copenhagen Ė ready to go!

Oxford: last stronghold in Southern England.

Northern England: Long way there to victory. Still two more cities on a little island up north.

An island in the middle: Future second front base for attacks on Rome and Japan.

Another possible base to start conquering Japan.

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Rik Meleet
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Airlift some cavs to the front. Draft a lot. Rush a lot.

- 1 - I win the battle for Copenhagen. Raze it to get workers for an airfield. Capture Oxford (defended by spears) with cavs.
Send bombers to Ephesus, whic is 10 tiles from York and Hastings and has 0% flip risk. Send tanks to be able to capture York and Hastings next turn. Sink some Viking boats (I hate berserkers). War Weariness reaches new heights. It's at this moment cheaper to raise the lux to 10% than to buy Ivory. Hiring clowns drops production substantially.

IBT: Berserkers promote a conscript ToW to elite. Scandinavia MA's with Rome against Japan.

- 2 - worker sacrificed for an airport on Scandinavia. Bombing York and Birka. Birka captured for no losses. Can't take York, but I do capture Hastings. Rush airport in Yangchow. Preparing a huge Fake-peace treaty - ROP-Rape combo against England.

IBT: We loose a cav in an english counterattack. English land an Inf on an island.

- 3 - Capture English Capital of York. Capture Leeds. Sign peace with England for Heracleia (island city) + some cash. England doesn't want to sign RoP. Oh well, we'll declare a few turns later then and focus now on the Vikings. I do move my ToW's and tanks towards the English cities. Paradrop ToW + worker on the free tile between Rome and Japan. 1 turn is enough to get some extra units there next turn. Due to lessened war weariness I can put the lux-slider back to 0%. Cahrush an airport in Herakleia, just in case the war restarts next turn.

IBT: England demands our troops out. I try Rop. refused...

I declare war. A city riots and I "Big-picture" to prevent more riots.

- 4 - Warwick nearly defeats our tanks and cavs, but we do meet Lee.

Warwick isn't captured. I do capture Reykjavik. We are in deep trouble due to war weariness. Buy Ivory from Japan from semi-obsolete techs, Sci meth and Communism, which are already known to Rome. Use the rushed airport in Heracleia to send some tanks for the conquest of Liverpool.

- 5 - capture Warwick. Capture Brighton. England is down to Musket-defended-Tundra-town-Liverpool. MDTTL has 2 tanks in front of its door. Capture Oslo + Stockholm. Rush airport in Hareid to be able to land paratroopers next to Molde on a 2 tile island. Put 2 helicopters + 1 worker + 3 ToW's in Yangchow to land in Roman 2 tile island when needed. Rush some settlers to get permanent footholds where needed. Load MGL + ToW in helicopter and drop them off in the land between Rome and Japan. Rush some paratroopers.

IBT: annoying vikings retreat a tank and a cav.

- 6 - Liverpool captured -> England is dead. Settler + 2 more ToW's unloaded in the land between Rome and Japan. Discover that you can't send settlers via airports. Attack on Bergen fails. More tanks send in. Build an airfield between Japan and Rome. Sign RoP with Rome for Dyes wines and Incense. Maneuver troops for the future battles.

- 7 - Para's land next to Molde on the 2 tile island. Bergen captured. Trondheim captured. Send most 1 move units to the American-Roman central island, while fast units goto the airfield between Rome and Japan. Some go to Scandinavia. Sell Refining to Rome for 1237 gold. Sell Atomic to Japan for 124 gold + 112 gpt. Use this gold to cashrush tanks. I feel the end is near. Build the city "Japanese-Roman Border", guess where ? It has a leader, 4 bombers, 12 ToW's, and 6 tanks. Leader is made into an army. And it can reach with Bombers both the Roman as well as the Japanese only Rubber. Unfortunately the Roman Rubber is directly under a city. Plans: next turn: kill Scandinavia, or the turn after. In 2 turns: attack Rome.

IBT: 14 tanks build.

- 8 - Molde bombed. Paratroopers capture Molde without damage. Aarhus captured by the fingernails, even attacking with redlined tanks. Cashrush airport in "Japanese-Roman Border". Airlift workers from English lands to Viking lands so the tanks there can soon be airlifter to "Japanese-Roman Border".

IBT: "Japanese-Roman Border" builds airport.

- 9 - Stavanger captured -> Scandinavia is dead. Positioning troops to exploit the "Roman RoP Rape" to the maximum. Start with bombing. We fail to capture any cities in the central island, but we manage to raze Satsuma. We capture Cumae, their only source of Rubber. Byzantium falls. Lutetia doesn't.

IBT: no Roman couterattack.

- 10 - Connect Wool, rush an airport in Byzantium. Capture Ceasaraugusta. Capture Palmyra. Autoraze Brundisium. Rome is down to their continent + 1 island city where we already own a city with a rushed airport next turn.
Lugdunum is under siege. Our 2 cities on the Japanese-Roman continent are loaded with troops that still have movement. Unfortunately is Cumae rioting (because of resistors going unhappy) so no airport rush there yet.

I stop now. The next player can decide on what to do next. Keep in mind we have a big gpt payment from Japan, so it might be worthwhile to not declare war on them immediately. The Scandinavian province has tanks + airfields + workers. The middle island also still has units which could be better used elsewhere.

I didn't Micromanage yet. I see no other useful thing to build besides tanks.

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