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Mine did that during our cold spell at the start of jan, couldnt get it fixed for like 6 days
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Well guys, the attack failed, they are up 11+ techs on us, they have more land/pop/gnp/prod and they got newly conquered lands. Should we call it off? I'm afraid there is no reasonable reason for us to believe we have a shot out of this one.
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I have no problem conceding the win. I don't think we have a shot either.
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I don't think we have a shot as well. Our gambit was to raze coastal cities, but we got hurt bad. I regret going headfirst to Perth, but since we're 11 tech behind, I assume that it probably wasn't going to matter.

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Old 13-02-2008, 15:23   #325
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I did make sure that i made my attack after the turn ticked over. I made sure that it only once the return ticked over that I made my first move. I pointed that out in the main thread. I was very careful, because I was in my own team and most of my units had no movement on them, well the ones that I was going to use first, since my cannons were moving before the first attack. It would have been pointless of me to attack with my Redcoats that did have movement on them, but would have been decimated. I am sure the JH will say that my first attack was with a cannon, not any other unit. But that is ancient history.

It was a god game with you guys. There were many times that you guys did annoy Team Anzac, which is good for you. It was fun to play this game an hopefully we could meet again. Have a look at the main thread over at CFC for some screenies and a "brief" description of what happened.
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