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Originally Posted by Shabbaman View Post

Also playing Cities Skylines with my 5 y.o.
We tried it out today for the first time and he really liked it (and he really has something to do because he can have an eye on where the buildings are demanding some action ;-) )
Oh, and I liked it as well although I guess there is a lot to discover still...
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Last sunday we were driving on the highway and he pointed at the power lines: "when lightning strikes, nobody has power". I figured playing games like these develop a very systemic view on how the world works.

I tried to play Tropico 5 with him, but he found that to be boring. There's a lot of text involved, so I can imagine why.
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I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft since the new expansion was released a couple of months ago. Now that I've had my WoW fix for the year, I'm ready to play some Civ games again haha. Any other WoW nerds in the community btw?
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