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Default Playing on a maze map is something

I've tried this out a couple of times before, played a bit, but then forgot about it. Now I finally finished a game on this map type.

You can choose the width of the maze paths between 1 to 5 tiles. I chose 2, so that ships cannot move too easily through cities. But you can make canals and it's still a bit of an actual maze and not too obvious how to get from one place to another. Huge map, marathon speed (my default ). Prince difficulty (a bit too easy).

Obviously it can take a long time to move around. Engineering, railroads and airports are therefore much more important than in normal games. But it also causes a big AI exploit: AI enemies will also go over land if you are on the same continent. This is essentially a pangaea. As a result, if they declare war on you, it might still take another thirty turns before they reach you.

The AI will also not use and ships to settle elsewhere, so there are parts of land that they will basically never settle before settling on the arctic land they they'd need to cross over land to get there. They only build ships for warfare.

The game got quite tedious and this was definitely the first and last time I played on this map type. First of all, conquering your enemies also takes an extra long time (in turns), because you can often only go linear, conquering tile by tile. Also at some point I noticed I wasn't even close to domination victory, while it did feel like I was. Only then I realised that the land mass actually covers 50% of the map! That's a lot more to conquer...step by step.

The maze effect goes away fairly easy. You easily remember which way to go. They trick is to do it effectively and have ships ready in several places in order to take shortcuts. It's a logistical challenge.

Something that kept me in peace for a long time at some point, was that I was afraid that other AI would attack me in the back if I'd move on to the next prey. You don't move your army from one front to another that quickly and could lose several cities before your main army returns if your empire is large enough.

In the end I got a bit lazy, stayed at peace for too long and conquered several cities with my oppressing cultural corporate dominance (Creative Constructions & Sid's Sushi Co) before finishing it by conquering the Ottomans.

Domination victory in 1890 AD
Score: 117967

The huge distances were kinda fun, but bwleh, don't do it.

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