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Default My list of games

Not gonna list them all, cause I've forgot most of them and the saves are on the computer in the closet. Geez, I really need to figure out my firewall and run a pitboss or two. Anywho....

Lost but still alive

****Pitboss games

Klammis pitboss- Won in 1966 via space ship launch!!!!!!

18 player MTDG- DaveMcW (mongols) won, and I was the second lowest scoring player in remaining in the end as Isabella.

BTS PAL game- Mongols- Onan was the winner via culture, finished a weak 4th

Arboria - CFC Pitboss Not sure what happened to this game.

CivIVor- filled in for shane as Tokugawa, the triumverate was annihilated by Laod

CDZ Rule the world- Asoka's my name, slaughtered by Shabba, akots and Robi D.

FailedReality's Pitboss - Monty of the Aztecs (Vanilla), retired to AI. Had two cities left after some dastardly behavior. All was lost anyways. Pillaged everything I could, deleted workers and all.

Texas Hold'em - CDZ Pitboss


Me vs FR- won in 1600 and something. Two huge continents, no AI, more barbs than I've ever seen.

Mauer vs Beorn
take two-A concession victory for me.

Cajun vs Texan- Robboo (malinese) kicked my Greek smelling butt

BCLG vs Mauer- Utterly destroyed by Simon

Mauer vs Beorn- PBEM Tournament, getting destroyed at the moment by Beorn. "Oh I'm a noob at Civ4" says Beorn.....shuddup...I lost

Short Bus- Me (Inca), Tubby and Robboo 1v1v1 showdown *Game was quit by all

FR/Mauer team up on AI 3 teams of 2, Dutch and Port. *Game was quit by both

Two big losers
- Tubby Buddha Capac vs Issamauer of Spain, killed Tubby via Axe rush

Mauer, Tubby, Robboo-restart with advanced *Game was quit by all

Three Amigos-I'm Gilgamesh, Robboo is Korea i think? and Rik is Charlemagne. It's in BTS and still very early in the game.

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dont forget our upcoming rematch....i guess we need to nail down some settings and find a map maker.
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How about small/standard, archi, 3 AI? Have been wanting to try an archi map for some time. I'd love to be Churchill as well if we play this one.
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I am a noob!!! I never played this game!!!
(maybe the overplaying C3C syndrome has something to do with it though...)
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