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Yes, I'm very interested to see how this ends.
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Custard used tile
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Good play. Me stupid for building tGL on Monarch, when I could have used those shields to steamroll China or something.

I was actually working for coastal protection (IIRC), so I hope you would have done little damage.
But as I see it, you would probably have won (if you haven't, check my ramblings to compare).

In our first game you were not as warmongering as in this one. I guess you changed your approach for the better...

Did I actually choose Litt over Rep? I thought I chose Rep from Phil...

Oh, and thanks for MAing with China when I was going to ROP them. You messed up my Beijing attack completely...

Damn kids
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Yeah, I went to war a lot earlier in this game than the first...and ended up destroying 2 civilizations, which resulted in that big point score I had.
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