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You are right about city states being out-of-control and clearly overpowered goody huts. The impact is not twice larger, but maybe 10 times or even more.

As for MP, every feature that doesn't belong in the Challenge category is a pain in the ass. Nobody plays as a Sandbox or as a Story telling in MP. Once again, the decision to build Civ4 as a MP game at first was a very strong one, it set the path to a well-written gameplay and hence to a not-so-bad AI.
I even think now that the designers' goal should be to create a good AI at first, and THEN to add fun elements to it.
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Originally Posted by Socrates View Post
I even think now that the designers' goal should be to create a good AI at first, and THEN to add fun elements to it.
I think that's more our PoV. When designers are aiming to build for another crowd, which they apparently are, then maybe not so. I don't think aiming for another crowd is a bad decision, just one that doesn't really fits my gaming fun. And obviously I'd rather seen a great game like civ more in a direction I like instead of the opposite direction. In the end the sales figures will determine what civ VI will look like I think. More down the CivRev path or back to Civ III/IV. Time will tell.

In the mean time I saw a nice thread on apo about a guy who made a mirror map script which produces identical continents or mirrored pangea maps. Now that would solve a lot of issues for MP imo. WIll post a thread about it later as that is slightly OT here.
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Robi D
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Great vid, thanks for posting it PP.
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Watched it too, interesting.

I can follow his points and agree that the Civ AI has to be balanced between the two borders. And it is very hard to please everyone (and yeah, I think the option of having two AI engines is not realistic, I guess it's hard enough to have one proper working AI...
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