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T60, 1600 BC

Population is low but crop yield is tied for #1. We are now officially in the race. 3 towns, 2 granaries (3rd building), 3 workers (4th queued).

The economy is shaky at best so we'll leave it at that for now and wait for a few key techs before expanding.

That, and Babaorum needs to grow into cottages. Wonderbread only works with wonders to build and we've not even reached the first.

Power is waning slowly as I've been whipping granaries. Petitbonum is almost done with its barracks, then axemen ad infinitum.

Matrix keeps leaping up in score. I think his cultural borders have something to do with it: part of the score is territory so if he settled his 2nd big fat cross away from his first, that's a lot of land to convert into score. That and high pop, high commerce, high tech rate. But only a semi-late 2nd town.

The 3 that seriously use the whip are my neighbors and I, with Brunch the greek just starting to contribute to the slavery party.

The area SE towards Stapel is rich and tempting. One day, hopefully, a GE will build me Versailles there. But that's just a distant fantasy.
Right now: Poly->Priest->Writing for Oracle->CoL, whip Sac Altars, overflow into ToA, profit.

Diplomatically, Stapel is still a chipper fella (and safely far away) while ynnek is giving me pause. Espionage suggests he's met other neighbors (might have been him adjusting my slider down, but somehow I doubt that). We agreed to share foreign contact info ; he hasn't. Then there's the forward settlement on Petitbonum, stealing clams and trying to grab copper passive-aggressively. I'll stand my ground with culture for now, but it's testing. When I get my cellphone repaired, I'll try and nudge him towards being a better neighbor.
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