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T50, 2000BC

The choice to rely on chops rather than growth for early development is starting to flourish, with 4 high yield tiles improved in the capital and city #3 2 turns away.

Matrix is flying away in score, similar to last game, so I'm betting he has a high growth capital with 2 metal luxuries for ridiculous commerce. He just settled on T45 (Brunch 43, ynnek 49, me 37) so his points aren't due too much to pop but rather mainly to teching. Creative financial also helps and I'll bet he raced for writing and cheap libs. As he should.

Stapel was the first to whip (for 2 pop even) and he may have settled around T42. Not 100% sure. ynnek also 2-pop whipped a settler and put it in my face - surely hoping he'd bust my culture. Both are my closest neighbors and you can see them featured here:

Judging from Stapel's 1 espionage against me, he probably has met 3-4 opponents. That's promising for our scout Astérix, who has already discovered a bomb of a canal city:

So, in the short term, we'll need granaries and workers for growth and cottages. Soon-ish, we'll have to fight ynnek's creative culture in Petitbonvm with religion and a cheeky 3-chop Oracle.
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