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T40, 2400BC

Little improvement in demographics but we're getting there. Being first to settle has its perks. Let's give it time to yield benefits.

On the score graph, notice the first whipping from Byzantine slavers on T36 and Petitbonvm being founded on T37. The rest of the increases are mostly techs, some pop increases. Last place in population (6000) is below me and I used to be sole last with 6000, meaning it's the whip's fault, meaning Stapel seems to be making workers/settlers and whipping them out.

With early bronze, my soldiers score was slightly higher than ynnek, which I thought meant he had 1 warrior and fewer techs - then his score jumped (with bronze). That spooked me to the possibility of him having built up a warrior army to bully me out of there. To be safe, Ordralfabétix the warrior was chopped on the frontline.

Then we re-equalized once I got Wheel, which seems promising: I bet we now both have mining-bronze-wheel + 1 scout 2 warriors. Assuming this is right, I get to make axemen in time to deter anything cheeky. Ordralfabétix goes fogbusting, we resume building up.

On the diplomatic front, PP tells me Killer lost his bet while trying to invade his capital with 1 healthy warrior, 1 wounded. This follows after a rather irregular double-move from PP to open hostilities. Herr Killer is sure to be pissed, about both events, although to be fair his follow-up invasion against a fortified aggressive warrior at possibly +60% - thus 5% odds or worse - was greatly misguided. Could even be +85% (1% success) if on hill.

Closer to home, ynnek got my proposal for a peaceful neighborhood. He says he doesn't have copper (said nothing about horses) and he also would rather team up than let guns decide. The broad strokes of what I sent are a 5:6 split of cities on the main lands, he gets first dibs on settling whatever landmass lies to the SW and we re-negociate later for the SE. He kept exploring it while I was escorting my worker - settler convoy so he knows more than I do.

Whatever happens with a treaty, I'll keep teching for Oracle => CoL. Maybe I can sweeten the deal for him by sharing the religion.
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