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T20, 3200 BC

We are on a brisk pace of nearly 2 turns/day (and would attain it if PP played his double turns when he has the opportunity - no matter). Lots of movement on the score graph on turn 20. Many new growths to size 2, as well as techs. Judging from #1 soldiers and +23 score jump, I might be the first one to bronze.

Communication with ynnek is on the slow side, as is tradition. It is known.

The land takes shape and we learn there's no resources to share at all: the only one with multiple copies is spices, which we'll both have access to. We seem to be near other landmasses on his end.

One single copper. Bummer. I'd rather have settled OrangeDot 1N to grab sheep first ring. However, we have no backyard => we need to forward settle => we need to defend it => copper first. It'll be a solid military city too, with everything but hill.

Ynnek's lands are forest-rich but resource-poor. We can't gain visibility into his capital (nor can he ours), nor see behind it to confirm or deny whether he has a viable backyard. Otherwise, having to wait until iron + calendar to develop properly will understandably put him on edge.

I really hope he has a lush little piece of grass behind him. It'd be better having an ally than not. At the same time, I've got nowhere to go but forward towards his face and there's both copper and elephants to take advantage of. Heavy sigh.
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