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Default Open Spoiler : Old Camel

Since it's our second hump at this old beast.

Khmer is good and well-rounded
Dutch are taken by Matrix again
Sumer is good all-around
Aztec have a garbage UU but better UB than Sumer
Boudica is nice but Celts are garbage
Pericles again, tempting
Justinian has 12-strength knights

Very tough choice, all pretty good civs and traits and none stand out to my fancy. Last game's decision algorithm would yield Sumer or Aztec first, so heads or tails: tails. Aztecs.

Move the scout, find Wheat and coast.

Wisdom dictates warrior first. I don't have agriculture so worker first is lackluster anyways. Greed demands silver first - need both mining and bronze for chops. Solid techs to get anyways.

The Irréductible Village Gaulois thus sends Astérix (again) to scout for more viable land, as it seems like a pseudo-OCC situation on a peninsula. We'll see.
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