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Originally Posted by Socrates View Post
I'm currently watching some playing footage of EU4 online. Just to get to understand this kind of games a bit better. Do you think it's worth watching some CK2 next, or focus on CK3 coming up? Is CK3 going to be really different/better than CK2?
I couldn't tell you if CK3 will be really different or better than CK2, and when EU4 was released I didn't see how they could improve upon EU3. The engine is still the same, and that engine has limitations. I figured a new version would mean a lot of the content that was added over time would be gone (and added later, for more money) but that wasn't the case. Paradox just came up with more content. As for CK3, what I can make of it is that event trees are different. This means the game will play differently.

As for CK vs EU: while both games look very similar, I'd say they're also very different. CK is very heavy on the character, to the point that it's more of a RPG than a strategy game. EU practically ignores characters, to the point that your king is just a roll of a few dice. They share the event tree system, and warfare is also similar in both games. The difference there is that EU is more aimed at optimising your economy, and CK is more about managing your retinue. Expansion in CK can be based solely on marriage (and murder), for example.

I'd recommend EU4 as a strategy game, I don't think CK2 would make for a nice game to watch. If there'd be one game to play it has to be CK2: it's such an unique game on so many levels that it's incomprehensible why it's even fun to begin with, until you have played it. But if you like big stacks, just play (or watch?) EU4. Playing CK2 spoiled EU4 for me, now I can only play strategy games that let me marry my horse.
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