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Another turn, another decision:

Matrix is first in points, I am second.

I now have three axemen ready to move. Another one in 4, and a settler in 4 (due to a chop).

Matrix's capital (with a religion, thus defense boost) is 10 moves from where the axes are. He will see them after 7 moves.

He either does not have copper, or there are two coppers very close together. One is right outside his current, three-times-expanded borders. I doubt there is another one in the capital area.
However, he has a second city, and he has mined a dry hill I can see - this might hold iron.

If he is limited to archers, I am very tempted to invade and just pillage the shit out of him. Early pillaging and prolonged occupation is deadly.

if he has iron, I may be fast enough to block/pillage it before he has a significant quantity of good troops - see above. However, I also need a spearman, as there is a good chance that he has horses and thus cheap-o chariots to kill my axes. That is another delay of several turns or I waste 80 bucks on an upgrade of a warrior ASAP.

There are two of my warriors near his lands to bring in an cause further havoc. Not a strong troop, especially as they are on two different sides, but still something he can't ignore due to the threat to his resources.

yeah, just moved the warrior - I can upgrade later. Options - you gotta keep them open! This costs me 1 turn of in my capital, with no effect on production, until I can bring another warrior in from elsewhere.
One more turn..... just one more turn... one MORE!

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