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Default ***SPOILER*** Matrix's Game

So, for a while I've been playing a game run by good old Matrix, with a bunch of Fins and Beorn in it. Yeah, I'm a slacker: I should have started a thread ASAP, but hey: life interfered.

Well, things developed quite nicely for me, as you can see below: I got France (so Le Reich instead of Das Reich), I have copper, horses, a luxury resource I can actually already use, I can use water res for good food and commerce, I have a second city, and I just produced my first axeman. To my North there is some space, with sadly quite some jungle and little production terrain - at least there are rivers and thus commerce and watermill options. And then, further North, is Matrix Land! Which begs the question: do I him ASAP? He has a religion, thus good city defense values, but as there is a copper right outside his borders I expect him to not have any hooked up by the time I could have a few axemen and a spearman there (spear in case he has chariots), who could plunder their way across his lands with impunity and really slow down his development.

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