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Default ***SPOILER*** Furiey's Spoiler in Robi's Search for Spoilers.

I'm hijacking a corner of Robi's forum so that he gets my spoiler for this game.

Apart from subbing in various games, this is my first foray into MP, and as my Civ 4 playing is nothing to write home about (except for amusement) don't expect anything spectacular.

The start is nothing spectacular not helped by my city placement, but oh well.

My worker is useless, so I start on Agriculture so I can get some more food to my cities. I did contemplate going for an early religion but a useless worker plus what could be a small crowded map swayed me. The hut by the capitol gave me gold.

Didn't settle my second city until the 2nd turn, really not good (not helped by me mistaking where I settled for a hill), perhaps I should have gone north of the lake.

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