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Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
Beam, it'd be wonderful if you'd join anyway. You've played Civ4 plenty of times and you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Besides, my parents live in Tilburg nowadays, so we might actually do some actual face-to-face diplomacy at some point. And recollect memories - thanks to you I've seen Neil Peart in action before it was too late.
You're very welcome! However not in Breda anymore. Got a nice job in the hospital in Roermond recently where I also co-own a small sailing yacht. And not far from Tilburg either.

Have fun with the new game. @Killer, you got even more nicks now at that site? LOL!
That was a pretty good gamble. -- Scotty, The Galileo Seven, stardate 2821.5, Episode 14
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