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T30, 2800 BC

Silver is connected which catapults me to #2 in GNP, from dead last. Someone else has an improved mining lux + more pop.

Population is low. All part of the plan.

Someone jumped ahead to 23000 soldiers. Could be a combination of barracks, pop, archery, AH, bronze ... a whole bunch of warriors would also help. At any rate, relative strength with ynnek reveal it's not him. It suggests he has 1 or maybe 2 warriors, his warr #1 all the way SE on a deep dive through the jungles.

There's still wheat to improve for 4F1H and cows for 4F2H, but the current unimproved forest cow (!) gives me a cozy 3F1H for no effort whatsoever. So until I have 4F tiles to work and grow on, I'll keep chopping settlers.

Score isn't as bad as I thought it might be. Everyone has resumed growth (see demos) while our 2-pop capital churns out workers+settlers, chop after chop.

The uncovered territory between ynnek and I is somewhat in our favor - mostly because of jungles on his end. Good land on both sides anyways, with a few rivers and good potential grass+rivers. He assures me his backyard, like ours, is only good for a weak city.

Let's put up this dotmap for the sake of argument:

Brown dot can tileshare with the capital, work specialists. Teal dot ASAP for cottages, pink dot can wait a bit since it only blooms with winery and plantations. Backyard purple dot when we can build a lighthouse and Moai.

Orange dot gets settled first to grab copper - doing less would be irresponsible. Settler #1 gets chopped in 3 turns by worker #2 while worker #1 will already be on-site with a pre-chop and a pre-road. We know from demographics that ynnek has no built up military to snipe it out from under me. Which brings us to sharing.

The white dots have practical food sharing opportunities with the Khmer capital, good access to grassland cottages, rivers, tons of chops, gold and stone. A solid share of the land. Whether it's a fair share, well, time will tell. There's 1 or 2 more spots to the SE with bananas and rice to be grabbed. Perhaps more.

When I'm sure I won the race to copper city, I'll be in a position of strength to negociate borders with ynnek - something along the lines of setting a DMZ on the gold-stone column and going no further west myself, in the interest of a peaceful long-term cohabitation.

Meanwhile Astérix will forego further exploration in the interest of fog-busting a clear path through to the orange dot. We can discover the SE jungles in good time.
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