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Beorn 09-03-2016 03:23

Question about NL and Swe
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Hi guys,

I stumbled upon the attached graph a while back and thought I'd ask you guys for input. Basically, it shows that countries where you have to sign your donor card to give organs get tons less participation than countries where you have to sign NOT to donate. That much is clear.

What I was wondering is if any of you (looking at the dutch in the room) would have insights about why NL is so much higher, and Sweden so much lower than their groups. Is it accessibility? Politics? Religion? Advertisement? I'm guessing it's rather complicated and that you guys are generally generous but there's got to be more to it.

I showed it in stats class last month, as an example of bar graph, and it raised more questions than I could begin to answer.


Sorry this isn't spam.

Shabbaman 09-03-2016 20:38

I can only speculate, but what has happened is that the government had a nationwide campaign under citizens of over 18 years old to register donors. This made it easy to register, as you only had to check one of four options and mail the form. Since 1999, everyone receives such a form at their 18th birthday. According to wikipedia, in '97 54% responded. Looking at the numbers, the people registered is increasing, as is the percentage of registered people who are donor.

The actual number of donors is higher than those registered, as next of kin can still decide to donate your organs after you die. Unless you're registered as a non-donor, that is.

I can't say why Sweden's numbers are off, but if I'd have to put my money on it I'd say the Swedes had a campaign that made it easy to opt-out. In NL, 34% opted out. So if half of the people responded, and 34% of them opted out, you'd end up with something close to the 86% donors you see in Sweden.

Matrix 11-03-2016 16:20

Beorn 19-03-2016 20:02

Makes sense, thanks boys!

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