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smalltalk 24-04-2008 18:29

Questions and hopefully quick answers
Hi guys. I lost my mind and started this browser game. As if I had nothing better to do. [headstab]

Anyway. Here's the game.

You start with one city on an island. Each island has one out of four resources:

marble - for building
wine - for happines
crystal - for building science
sulphur - for building troops

Each island also has a saw mill producing wood, which is needed for building and for donating. Your production volume depends on how much the players on an island have donated to the mills, quarries, vinyards ...

Up to 16 players can be on one island. You can trade stuff with people on surrounding islands. Cities are producing gold, depending on how much workers and scientists you employ, military costs upkeep.

Cities can not be wiped out. Worst case is you get raided or occupied, loosing gold and goods.

I'm playing on the lambda world.

Looks like I found a couple of decent allies there. I will point them to this thread, island mail is just to tideous for making plans - so there might be new faces to this board. :)

Matrix 24-04-2008 20:20

Ha, I just happened to have started this game today! :D

I'm on the Beta world. How do you end up on the lambda world? I could only choose between alpha and beta...

CrossVain 24-04-2008 20:39

Hey small thanks for setting this up ^^
And matrix the reason you can not see lambda is cause you are probably going to but you need to go to .org to see all the servers

Matrix 24-04-2008 21:10

Almost. I'm playing on [tongue]

CrossVain 24-04-2008 21:13

Well come on over to .org and join our clan ^^

smalltalk 24-04-2008 22:02


quote:Originally posted by Matrix

Ha, I just happened to have started this game today! :D
Nice to see you again. :)

What kind of island did you land on?

quote:Originally posted by CrossVain

Hey small thanks for setting this up ^^
My pleasure. Thanks goes to the guys running this board.

Well come on over to .org and join our clan ^^
Indeed. One day isn't that much yet. Unless you have friends on .nl

Mistfit 24-04-2008 22:29

Hmmmm.. I have signed up and have my little town.. I started on an academy.. I am unsure what to do with my Woodshop thingy.. Lumbermill I suppose

Name: Mistfit
Town: Polis (how to change name? )
Island: Ludios?
Seemingly the only other human on the island is Elton in a town called Malta

Mistfit 24-04-2008 23:05

Well I figured out how to change the name of my town.. it is not Idioton.. I have build barracks/academy and harbor.. I hope I am doing the correct thing.

CrossVain 24-04-2008 23:16

Misfit what you need to do is press the "Show island button" then click on the pile of wood and put workers on it all 40 of em
get Academy up to level 3 soon make sure to upgrade town hall as well before you go to sleep get a town wall up too
and just keep upgrading

Ohh nvm dont put all workers on wood make sure you have full scientists too (Do so by clicking on the academy)

Mistfit 24-04-2008 23:20

I think I built a ship too :D

and maybe a slinger

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