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Mistfit 26-12-2005 05:36

Mistfit's Tavern
If any of you happen to be stuck in Northern Michigan and need a place to rest and have a drink or 7 may I suggest stopping at Mistfit's Tavern.

Where is it located you ask? Why in my basement of course. No sense in having to drive if I'm going to be drinking my self into a stupor.

I have been working on the bar in my basement for about 5 years now. I've done the majority of the work myself, although I have brided the occasional contractor with promises of beer and liquor.

I'm a big sports fan so I tried to keep the majority of the decor headed in that direction.

Stop by some time. I always have a stock of cheap american beer and expensive Kentucky Burbons on hand. Although if I know you are comming I can stock with what ever you like.

That's my dog Dresden...

Tubby Rower 26-12-2005 20:45

That's awesome Kev. I guess now you don't need a DD or a cab ;)

Banzai 26-12-2005 21:19

Wow man! thats mega cool!

Nice dog :)

barbu1977 27-12-2005 00:21

Wow, that is sharp.

Looks realy nice

ProPain 27-12-2005 00:29

Woooot. I love it!

romeothemonk 27-12-2005 06:07

Nice work!

Mental Note: Add Mistfits house to the list of places to see in Michigan.

Whomp 27-12-2005 06:39

Doood! Love that old school cash register too! Romeo it's a really beautiful part of Michigan to see too.

Rik Meleet 27-12-2005 12:40


Shabbaman 27-12-2005 13:43


Mistfit 27-12-2005 15:17

My Dad worked for NCR (National Cash Register) in the 60's. He was trained as a technician on every mechanical cash register they made. He and I found this one at an auction. We took it a part and referbished the whole thing. What is weird is that when the cash register was new it was painted black. They actually covered up all of that brass! We used muratic(sp?)acid to get it clean.

The register has the sales information on the bottom of the cash drawer. It was sold initially in 1913 to a company in Wolverine, MI (very small town) Some day I want to go spend some time in that town to try and see where it was and who owned it.

If I think of it I will take a close up picture of it. It is really beautiful. The bastard also weighs around 120 lbs (55kg)

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