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Lt. Killer M 11-11-2019 19:54

***SPOILER*** Second Old Beast
After a certain admin lost the admin password to the previous game - much to the advantage of a certain player.....


we started afresh with a map created for us by jeke. Currently, I do not yet know if I should thank jeke or not.


I picked Sumer pretty much because I like the starting techs. It is SOOOO boring to start every game by building a worker and researching agriculture.

So guess what my start looks like.

Come on, guess!

Lt. Killer M 11-11-2019 19:55



this is a few turns in:
- researched fishing (how I HATE starting with fishing!),
- produced a warrior,
-went exploring the eternal tundra.

So basically, this is a OCC game or what? And I have exactly three irrigable tiles (unless I am stoopid enough to irrigate the stone), which all lack any commerce. I hope you garee this is not fun when one has agri as a starting tech.

Last start, I got Navigation from a hut. This game, huts are off!


oh yeah, as for the Civ name:
You can imagine what I was hoping to take to my neighbours. Oh well, no neighbours close by on land, it seems.

Lt. Killer M 11-11-2019 20:04

The last turn today brought a slight glimmer of hope:


a river!
green tiles!

Lt. Killer M 15-11-2019 15:31

Things have been developing quickly now. There is more nice stuff to wok with near the corn: swine and river and whatnot.

I met a Celtic Scout, and now.....


The Southern warrior will continue to explore, walking by ProPain's territory, and circle back.
The Northern one will continue to explore, Westwards, and in 6 turns, by pure chance, both will be situated two tiles diagonally off ProPain's city. One NE, one SE.

I wrote him a DM, saying Hi. No reply so far. Let's see how this develops.

I do not expect to attack and take his city, he's not Matrix who left his city unguarded in the last, aborted-due-to-password-loss game. But maybe I can grab a worker? At least, parking warriors on (hill) forest tiles next to his town will throw his plans, make improving tiles near-impossible, and thus slow him down a lot until he can attack with archers (and even then a long-time fortified warrior on forest stands a fair chance). It does mean sending at least two more warriors that way, which need producing first.

In other news, my fishing boat is on the fish tile (where it is barb safe), another warrior is in production. Next turn I can choose between the improved fish and production-heavy tiles. There seems to be no danger from ProPain - it is near-impossible for a warrior to have snuck by mine - so I can go growth for now.

Lt. Killer M 16-11-2019 20:35

ProPain doesn't use Civstats, s he didn't see my PM. But we talked on Whatsapp. He is very interested in a long term peace treat, painting Beorn as the BigEvil of the game.

Maybe so.

But I MUST expand into the nice lands adjacent to his capital city, because the lands around mine are to shitty. War it must be, and the sooner the better for me.

BW is 9 turns off, btw. [estwing]

Lt. Killer M 18-11-2019 19:33


hmmmmmm....... is this yummy or not?

Lt. Killer M 19-11-2019 00:25

a MUCH closer look at ProPain's lands.


I THINK there is a water tile NW adjacent to his city! Notice the branching of the river to its West?

Also, he has a worker (the one tile with deer is improved, although the other isn't), so his production has been spent on not too many warriors.

The tile SW of his city is only a hill, so the def bonus is a meager 25%. NO, SE and two tiles E are forested, though, which makes for a hefty 50% bonus.

In an ideal world I would have four warriors and be almost assured of taking or razing his city. As things stand, with him having a scout out, I expect there to be one or two warriors on defense, and thus little to no chance of taking the town. But I can simply sit there and force him into an annoying defense game for quite a while. Hamper his warrior, block his improved tile, bring in two more warriors.....

Should I stay my troops or GO! now?

Lt. Killer M 19-11-2019 18:21

oh well, I just can't change my spots.....


Lebensraum, they call it.

My attack chances are 4.4% and 0.3%, so I'll have to simply sit on him until he chokes. ;)

Lt. Killer M 25-11-2019 09:08

some things are simply OBVIOUS:

ProPain has copper next to his city. Well within the good lands he can settle. In fact, he has TWO coppers, one to the N and one to the SW. Can't possibly block both.....

I do not have copper. Obviously. 13 more turns to ironworking.



Also, I made a stupid slip of the finger on my cell phone when accessing the game via anydesk, and that gave him a chance to kill my barb-wounded warrior. Next, he pulled a double move on me and killed the other warrior. Well, that totally ruins my ability to annoy him in any way.


Lt. Killer M 29-11-2019 22:11

much has happened, all boring.

IW next turn. If I have no iron.......

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