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ProPain 15-11-2012 19:40

Crusader Kings
Gamersgate has Crusader Kings II on a 75% discount this weekend. Havent played it myself but it has gotten very good reviews.

It's paradox game so beware of steep learning curves :)

Shabbaman 15-11-2012 22:57

Hm,might look into it, but nit really enthused about yet another digital distributor.

ProPain 16-11-2012 00:33

I was hoping Steam would follow too.

Furiey 16-11-2012 00:49

I think steam had it at 75% off not long ago on a weekend deal. Thanksgiving sale must be soon though.

Shabbaman 16-11-2012 09:37

Steam has a major sale over christmas, chances are good that it'll be a daily deal (meaning: 75% off). But even if it's not, EU3 can keep me busy until EU4 is released.

Shabbaman 13-05-2013 14:01

I just found out that the guy who does the Ulm comics I wrote about earlier is now making a comic about the new Old Gods DLC for CK2. The new DLC seems great by the way, it's a real twist on vanilla CK2.

I'll be starting a game as a trade republic this weekend, let's see how that goes.

Shabbaman 29-05-2013 11:21

I don't know if the release trailer for the Old Gods DLC is better than the DLC itself, but it's probably close:

ProPain 29-05-2013 16:56

Saw that trailer yesterday, really funny. I love it when a company has the guts to take itself not too serious.

barbu1977 29-05-2013 18:27

The original is 9.99$ on steam today.

Shabbaman 06-08-2013 21:11

Old Gods DLC was on a 75% discount, so I bought it. As my Venice game was pretty boring I started a game as some Halfdan Ynling guy (which the CK2 buffs will recognize as the great-great-grandfather of the king of Norway in vanilla CK2, Harald Ynling, and who normal people might recall as the guy who fought William the bastard and lost) in 867, as the petty king of Ostlandet. By now I am king of Norway, I've occupied all of Sweden and the capital of Denmark out of spite, I've reformed the norse faith and I'm about to wage holy wars on all of Europe. Shortest AAR ever.

In other words: brilliant DLC for people who like free CB's.

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