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Lt. Killer M 16-07-2021 22:56

The Netherlands by their arteries

Beorn 18-07-2021 19:54

We all thought my cousin was a little crazy for buying her house right beside a big river, bit it's like NL is like that in its entirety. The NL xkcds aren't lying. You guys would conquer the world if not for that pesky water.

Matrix 25-07-2021 16:09

The recent floods have killed well over a hundred people in Germany and dozen in Belgium, but in the Netherlands there were only a few evacuations. Part of that is because the Dutch were warned due to the calamity in the other two countries and the fact that the land is flat and therefore exces water would just spill over instead of the flood that happens when all that water needs to squeeze through a hilly landscape. Nonetheless, the country also has a long history of battling with water and are therefore very skilled in risk assessment, pre-intended flood plains - land next to rivers where only cattle may graze and nothing is built, exactly in case of a flood - and having emergency plans ready. That definitely paid off this time.

And if you have a boat, you can almost go anywhere in the country, except for the few higher grounds of course. It's a complete additional infrastructure.

Lt. Killer M 27-07-2021 13:26

I see the same thing here in the Lech valley: historically a very bad spot for floods, so flood management is excellent 8and cost a huge amount of money). And golly, it works!

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