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Ehecatl Atzin 20-08-2003 08:38

Find the spam!
Yes! my brand new brain-child! Be the first to post here telling us where my latest spam post is and get a prize. Remember, it has to only say spam, no other non-sense, just spam ;) I'll post prizes later, the more you find the more you get!
I said go!


Scram you!

Damn it...Get lost!

---- Prize Booth, exchange your spam posts for prizes here!
5 spam points--- a pic of crap. Yep, crap, dung, shit, cake, twinky; what ever you wanna call it. You gimme the points and I'll post it ;)
10 spam points--- nudy pic (I can't garantee it'll be a lady pic [evil], just no kiddy-porn)
20 spam point--- a real-life goody-box filled with fun contraptions and interesting artifacts from Tijuana direct to your mailbox, where ever it is that may be. Postage paid by the fine citiens of Atzin-land. [viking]

jack merchant 20-08-2003 12:59

It's in the 'Where are all the spammers' topic [cool].

Turner_727 20-08-2003 13:03


Turner_727 20-08-2003 13:04


quote:Originally posted by Turner_727


Found it!

Ehecatl Atzin 20-08-2003 23:21

@ Jack Merchant-- nope, keep looking...

@ Turner-- HA! nice try, but it has to be my post ;)

anarres 21-08-2003 00:25

It's in this thread, near the end...

Turner_727 21-08-2003 07:19


quote:Originally posted by Ehecatl Atzin

@ Jack Merchant-- nope, keep looking...

@ Turner-- HA! nice try, but it has to be my post ;)
You never said that! [aargh]

Hey. . come here! [hammer]

WildFire 21-08-2003 09:31

Image Insert:

Ehecatl Atzin 21-08-2003 20:55

@ WildFire-- but it made you take a look inside, didn't it? [groucho]

[party] Anarres has found the first spam!![party] Consider yourself the lucky owner of one spam-point [hammer]

Now, on to the next spam post! go find it!

WildFire 21-08-2003 23:26


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