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Furiey 27-07-2010 22:15

***SPOILER*** Furiey's Spoiler in Robi's Search for Spoilers.
I'm hijacking a corner of Robi's forum so that he gets my spoiler for this game.

Apart from subbing in various games, this is my first foray into MP, and as my Civ 4 playing is nothing to write home about (except for amusement) don't expect anything spectacular.

The start is nothing spectacular not helped by my city placement, but oh well.

My worker is useless, so I start on Agriculture so I can get some more food to my cities. I did contemplate going for an early religion but a useless worker plus what could be a small crowded map swayed me. The hut by the capitol gave me gold.

Didn't settle my second city until the 2nd turn, really not good (not helped by me mistaking where I settled for a hill), perhaps I should have gone north of the lake.

Furiey 27-07-2010 22:17

Turn 3 and I succumb to taking the next hut with my still useless worker. After what Stapel posted I was expecting barbs. I had the Warrior there to cover but I got Mining!

Spot one of Matix's cities very near my capitol and Azza's scout South of my second city.

That's an interesting tile my Scout is on - Grassland and Floodplain!

Robi D 28-07-2010 11:18

Interesting start, do you have any ideas about who to befriend and who to show the pointy end of the stick.

As for the grass floodplain :o I'm not really sure how i didn't spot or how it happened:confused: but i guess its there so have fun trying to claim it

Lt. Killer M 28-07-2010 13:34

gems early on can be a monster of a research help - now that you have mining :)

Furiey 28-07-2010 23:20

Yes the gems will be a luxury that will be very useful now. Settling north of the lake would have allowed me to make better use of them but oh well.

The diplomacy side is definitely something I am lacking experience in (ie: none at all against people). With what looks like Matrix on one side (Immortals) and Azza on the other (Legionaries) they both have slightly later UU than me. It would be easy to get myself into a situation where I can't actually use my UU on my neighbours. Matrix is very close, but it may be better to try and go for Azza before those Legions hit the scene. This is however a small map with 9 civs, so I don't think it will be long before I meet more.

Furiey 10-08-2010 13:39

I've been meaning to post this since I researched Animal Husbandry. I was obviously hoping for horses within a city's influence, but my initial settler moves put paid to that. Looks like I need to get another city out there before I can get my unique unit.

Lt. Killer M 10-08-2010 19:21

how many turns for your town's influence to expand?

Furiey 10-08-2010 20:40

It's 34/100 at 2 cpt so 33 turns.

SW of the horses would get it straight away, eventually get the marble, and be on the coast, but WSW on the hill would make a better long term city site, also getting the fish, but would need to expand so probably wouldn't get the horses any quicker than waiting for the capitol to expand.

Robi D 11-08-2010 05:56

Another option would be to settle on the plains hill 2 tiles south of the horses, that way you would have the clams for food

Furiey 11-08-2010 09:38

That is another option I had thought of before I saw the fish in the west. However it will also need expansion before it gets the horses.

However, my second city will expand before not too long (monument has been built for a few turns now) and will get the hill to the E of the horses. If I built the city 2S of the horses that would leave the horse tile with culture on 3 side of it - would civ then fill in that tile for me? I know it would have done in civ 3, but 4 doesn't work the same.

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