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Lt. Killer M 11-04-2019 00:32

***SPOILER*** Matrix's Game
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So, for a while I've been playing a game run by good old Matrix, with a bunch of Fins and Beorn in it. Yeah, I'm a slacker: I should have started a thread ASAP, but hey: life interfered.

Well, things developed quite nicely for me, as you can see below: I got France (so Le Reich instead of Das Reich), I have copper, horses, a luxury resource I can actually already use, I can use water res for good food and commerce, I have a second city, and I just produced my first axeman. To my North there is some space, with sadly quite some jungle and little production terrain - at least there are rivers and thus commerce and watermill options. And then, further North, is Matrix Land! Which begs the question: do I [estwing] him ASAP? He has a religion, thus good city defense values, but as there is a copper right outside his borders I expect him to not have any hooked up by the time I could have a few axemen and a spearman there (spear in case he has chariots), who could plunder their way across his lands with impunity and really slow down his development.

Shabbaman 12-04-2019 20:35

Matrix isn't that old, is he?

Lt. Killer M 13-04-2019 11:10

we all are, Shabba, we all are! :eek:

Lt. Killer M 13-04-2019 23:41

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given my natural tendencies - builder but always tempted by conquest - I have decided to build a strong military while expanding carefully. This means chopping forests to go into settlers, and otherwise letting cities grow by building troops and improving terrain.

A new dotmap - the first was a 20 second look at how much space there is around me - looks much better:

The obvious build locality if I attack the yellow disease in the NW is the dot to the N and 1 W of my capital. Otherwise, it may be saner to settle the NE. The NW is out: Iron Working is too long in researching (although I must, and soon) and I have too few workers to quickly utilize the jungled lands.

Shabbaman 14-04-2019 13:31


Originally Posted by Lt. Killer M (Post 140817)
we all are, Shabba, we all are! :eek:

He isn't even 40!

Lt. Killer M 15-04-2019 12:00


Originally Posted by Shabbaman (Post 140820)
He isn't even 40!

old for a pirate

Lt. Killer M 17-04-2019 00:03

Another turn, another decision:

Matrix is first in points, I am second.

I now have three axemen ready to move. Another one in 4, and a settler in 4 (due to a chop).

Matrix's capital (with a religion, thus defense boost) is 10 moves from where the axes are. He will see them after 7 moves.

He either does not have copper, or there are two coppers very close together. One is right outside his current, three-times-expanded borders. I doubt there is another one in the capital area.
However, he has a second city, and he has mined a dry hill I can see - this might hold iron.

If he is limited to archers, I am very tempted to invade and just pillage the shit out of him. Early pillaging and prolonged occupation is deadly.

if he has iron, I may be fast enough to block/pillage it before he has a significant quantity of good troops - see above. However, I also need a spearman, as there is a good chance that he has horses and thus cheap-o chariots to kill my axes. That is another delay of several turns or I waste 80 bucks on an upgrade of a warrior ASAP.

There are two of my warriors near his lands to bring in an cause further havoc. Not a strong troop, especially as they are on two different sides, but still something he can't ignore due to the threat to his resources.

yeah, just moved the warrior - I can upgrade later. Options - you gotta keep them open! This costs me 1 turn of [:(!] in my capital, with no effect on production, until I can bring another warrior in from elsewhere.

Rik Meleet 17-04-2019 10:09

Kill him.
Keep us updated.

Lt. Killer M 17-04-2019 22:31


Originally Posted by Rik Meleet (Post 140826)
Kill him.

Will do (I hope) - just maybe not NOW!


Originally Posted by Rik Meleet (Post 140826)
Keep us updated.

Will do, no exceptions :p

Lt. Killer M 17-04-2019 22:39

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Matrix has horses! Good thing I have that warrior and money to upgrade!

Also, the hill does suspiciously look like iron :(

And then, there is more Lebensraum to conquer just beyond..... [estwing]

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