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socralynnek 10-11-2019 15:38

*****Spoiler for Second Old Beast ***********Spoiler*********


If you play in the Second Old Beast game....

...go somewhere else as long as the game is running...










socralynnek 10-11-2019 15:42

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This is a Civ 4 Bts Pitboss game, hosted by Matrix

The only choice that was left is the Khmer

So, here is my start...

I kind of don't like the start, but of course it depends with whom I share a continent...

Went north with the scout, there is no more land there than the ones visible in the screenshot

socralynnek 27-12-2019 10:35

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Found a few turns later Beorn not so far away to the east,
I found some screenshots from 2600 BC where you can see how we divided this peninsula.
Unfortunately I chose to not research Bronze Working first, so Beorn already settled close to the copper before I was able to build a settler.

On the other hand, we agreed to a long term peace / cooperation.

The layout of the continent is quite snaky...

socralynnek 27-12-2019 10:38

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and here we are now...

...found stapel on the south eastern strip of the continent, close to that other copper...
he founded 3 religions, Beorn one, so I am expecting some religion spreads soon...

Matrix is to the southwest and seems to have a strong capital.

I am expecting some better development when having calendar, as I can hook up two luxes.

Stapel settled close to us which of course is a little provoking...

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