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Matrix 08-11-2019 17:29

Second Hungry Old Beast - Spoiler
I referred to Civ4 as an old beast on the other site, but named the find-opponent-thread "Hungry for more", so in order not to confuse, this is both.

The lake can already give me three commerce, because of my adorable financial trait. But I'm gonna do the early gamble and build a worker first to get those sheep ASAP.

Matrix 24-11-2019 00:47

I met Stapel, who is obviously in the east, and we agree to a peace deal until Christ is born, which can be cancelled ten turns in advance.

My worker-first gamble paid off and I will soon have a max sized capital. After the warrior I will start building the Pyramids until it hits size five, then build a settler. Once the settler is done, I'll continue building the Pyramids. Only a civ with the industrious trait can prevent me from getting that.

Matrix 05-12-2019 10:24

Decided to build another worker when Groningen got to six pop and the corn was irrigated. Pyramids will continue after that.

Meanwhile I met socralynnek in the north:

The map is funny. I have a land strip towards the north. There's only room for 1.5 cities to the west and I'm not too sure how far I can expand to the east. I don't want to squash Stapel too much, otherwise he'll might feel forced to cancel our peace treaty.

Matrix 12-12-2019 20:34

We playing rather rapidly with about 1.5 - 2 turns per day. This time the pyramids are mine.

In the same turn I discovered iron working, which I was anxiously awaiting, because there is no copper as far as I have discovered, which admittedly isn't much. And thank god, it's right in my backyard!

My room for expansion is limited, but there is more to discover in the north. Socralynnek - I like starting a sentence with his name, because then I have an excuse to spell his name properly, that is, with a capital S - is somewhere north. I met a workboat of his there.

Meanwhile I haven't talked with Stapel, nor have I seen him. He's researching sailing is not building up units. Since he is my only neighbour, I only have three warriors. Now I'm building my first archer, which I'll need against the barbarians; shouldn't take long before they arrive.

Matrix 13-12-2019 00:11

While I'm allowed to develop unchallenged, ProPain and Killer are in a very early war, of course initiated by Killer (as ProPain told me). But you can see the result: Killer is rock bottom in score.

Matrix 02-01-2020 14:17

Killer got eliminated on new year's eve, the poor bloke. According him his starting position left him no choice but to try an early war, but that backfired.

Now back to my realm, which is doing quite amazingly, if I may say so myself. I built the pyramids before I could really put it to use. But thanks to that, I got a great engineer exactly on the same turn as literature was invented. The earlier I have the great library, the earlier I get +12 science per turn, so there was little contemplation required on how to use that great engineer. Besides, with marble in my territory I have a good shot as the mausoleum of Mausollos as well, so it might be good to postpone golden ages until then.

Meanwhile Beorn deployed two axemen next to Phrygian, the barbarian city in the north. He asked for open borders earlier, which I refused, because he was nowhere in sight yet. He understood, then a few turns later he offered open borders again. I assumed I must've been very close to him, so I accepted. But no, still no sight of Beorn's land. [rant] I'll avoid contact with him and take Phrygian by force by surprise if he keeps it. Although it probably won't be much of a surprise.

The shape of the continent is funny. :) I can also see some coast west of Phrygian, so if I build a city on the tip, I should be able to hop to the next island or continent without needing astronomy.

Matrix 05-01-2020 12:43

It's getting interesting already! Beorn is bringing more axemen to Phrygian. He clearly wants to spike my development wheel and cause as much havoc as possible. I switched my research to construction, so I can build catapults. In ten turns I can connect the horses southeast of Utrecht and will make sure the road is ready done by then. In the mean time I'll continue building my own axemen in Groningen and Amsterdam.

Stapel and I agreed to another extention of our peace deal: peace at least until 500 AD and a ten turn advance notice if one of us wants to have war after that.

Matrix 05-01-2020 12:43

I've found Beorn's borders, by the way. He's right behind socralynnek, which should come as no surprise.

Matrix 10-01-2020 11:40

Fuck, Beorn declared war on me. He invaded with four axemen in the north and one from the east.

Now I need to connect my iron in the west ASAP.

Matrix 17-01-2020 12:52

Defense beats offense.
Offense beats development.
Development beats defense.

That's the triangle that exists in many strategy games and civilization is no exception. I've born those words of wisdom in mind ever since a friend and game reviewer uttered them to me. Beorn has been attacking me and I was defending. That meant I had the upper hand. Now he's driven out.

First I killed his axemen in the west, while he parked the four axemen on the forest hill west of my northern iron source after pillaging it. Being fortified for five turns, that amounted to 10.5 hitpoints (or 13 if I'd attack with melee units). But I weakened them with two catapults and then destroyed them with three chariots - Beorn mentioned in the WhatsApp group chat that there is only one source of horses on the whole continent, which I didn't know yet - and one axemen. But I was fortunate, I should admit. Two battles had about 66% chance of success and the other two about 50%. That meant I had 11% chance of no unit loss. I had enough spare units to finish the job, but now I'm standing solid.

However, while this battle is won, the war isn't over. I invented metal casting in the mean time, so now I'm rushing some trireme's to make sure he cannot make landfall anymore.

Beorn built the temple of Solomon and his economy is not so far off from mine. I now dare to start building the mausoleum of Maussollos and will build the national epic straight after. The other cities, stained and tormented by slavery, will have to do the rest of the job. In six turns I'll probably get my second great scientist, which should give me another 15.75 science output extra; my total is about 70 now. In case of another great leader, I'll use it for my first golden age as soon as the mausoleum is completed.

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