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Shabbaman 05-05-2014 11:08

Soren's economy RTS
Soren Johnson, of civ4 fame, is making a new game. It's RTS with a focus on resource economy. You can read a big interview with him right here.

It does sound interesting, despite calling it RTS. And the interview has a picture of EU4, so I already like it.

Socrates 05-05-2014 12:50

An interesting read, thanks.
I wonder why they did not talk about Railroad Tycoon as an influence. After all, that game had many resources, buildings to produce and consume these resources, a stock exchange, etc.

Shabbaman 25-02-2015 22:32

The game is now available on Steam, but it's Early Access. As I have enough games to play and enough games that are still Early Access, I won't touch it now. Not even with a stick. Not unless it's on discount in a Steam sale (yup, I'm a man of principles). But there's a nice preview on RPS, and it does sound interesting. Especially the words "spreadsheet balancing" piqued my interest. And krys is right, it does sound like Railroad Tycoon... and that's not a bad thing.

akots 25-02-2015 23:51

It looks ugly though according to screenshots.

barbu1977 26-02-2015 16:19

Early access! I agree with Shabba, I will wait for a real game. Especially at that price-tag.

ProPain 27-02-2015 20:18

I dont mind early access per se, but I wont do early access at 37,- Much sooner buy Darkest Dungeon then.

socralynnek 03-03-2015 10:39

I won't do early access at that price either, although the game sounds interesting.

One of my favorite game of all time after Civ was Dynatech on Amiga.
A nice real time economy game which was even a multiplayer one (a lot of simulated AIs), when real time was not for economy games at that time...

I always waited for a real-time economy game that could be a successor and with a little more depth. Let's see...

Shabbaman 29-02-2020 14:36


Originally Posted by barbu1977 (Post 140109)
Early access! I agree with Shabba, I will wait for a real game. Especially at that price-tag.

Good news everyone! This game has dropped to a pricepoint where it'll reach optimal price/quality parity: it's free. Well, almost free, you'll have to install the Epic launcher and grab the game between March 5th and 12th.

socralynnek 01-03-2020 02:11

Oh, I think, I paid like 20-25 euros for the game and all extensions...
but I think that was 2 years ago or so (and I think it was worth it)
For free? Doesn't sound too bad...(but I don't like installing another launcher...)

Shabbaman 02-03-2020 22:46


Originally Posted by socralynnek (Post 162234)
(but I don't like installing another launcher...)

Nobody does, it is kind of pathetic. But Epic has free games every week. And not free for a week, but free to keep. That's the only upside of Epic though, it's lackluster otherwise. It lacks a lot of features you'd expect of a store like this.

Beorn 05-03-2020 06:39

Epic bought Phoenix Point (an XCom-like project which was crowdfunded until then) and made a mockery of its release, pushing it forward a year too early. It's been 3-4 months now and the first DLC still feels like a beta build. Not a fan.

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