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18-10-2003, 19:10
We are playing a naval mod with lots of tiny islands on a large map.

I end up being the Babs - annoying for the early UU and Killer is Japan with a well timed GA and cheap harbours.

Turn 8 I build a Tireme (1.1.2 @ 20 shields) and send it exploring.

Here is my map at turn 10:


23-10-2003, 12:33
Time for an update.

25-10-2003, 01:30

8 - Build Tireme. Only move 2, but my best scout unit by far.

20 - Build my second city Ur on a surrounding island.

28 - Pop hut and get 25 gold.

29 - Research Pottery. This is a large map so techs are expensive. Set my capital to Granary.

51 - Founding my third city I pop a hut and get Warrior Code, now I can build bowmen. [coool]

53 - Finally I meet someone - the Greeks. Unfortunately I am miles behind already...

56 - I meet Germany. Someone has also sold my contact to Persia. Germany need Alphabet but won't give anything for it. :(

68 - I now have full contacts. Suddenly a few AI get Map Making.

Sell WM and 4 gold to Persia for The Wheel.
Sell WM and 8 gold to Greece for Masonry.
Sell WM, 122 gold and 2 gpt to Ottomans for Maths.
Sell Maths and 14 gold to the Vikings for Mysticism and Horseback Riding.
Sell Maths and 1 gpt to Germany for Writing.

69 - I take a risk and buy Map Making from Russia for WM 22 gold and 12 gpt. I am totally skint now, very little gpt with 10% science and 0% lux.

Sell MM and WM to Scandanavia for Iron Working, Philosophy and Territory Map.
Sell MM to Germany for WM and 2 gold.
I do a massive round of map trading and make 116 gold and 3 gpt! [dance]

90 - Germany (my nearest neighbour) demands 48 gold and I give it.



25-10-2003, 07:42
Looks like an amazing map : how do you like it so far ?

25-10-2003, 14:51
As you say - it's an amazing map!

This is a taste of seafaring before conquests - and I really like the new boats (so far!)

30-10-2003, 07:13
The lurking crowd is amazed by the map as well.:)
Interesting that you could put a RCP net over those archipels.

Hmm. The Bowman. Satanically shabby UU.[shabba]
Concerning the GA:
There'll be some action vs Germany *soon*(?). Or will you try to delay the GA by gambling - attack possibly much later outdated units, since the ai is lazy in upgrading units (and could not send reinforcements to islands that easy)?

30-10-2003, 09:53
I think the archipelago could give you a major advantage over the ai compared to a continental map, or am I wrong?

30-10-2003, 14:30
Knowing how the tiny islands will affect warfare is hard to predict.

In one sense they will hamper the AI because the AI won't keep the defenders up to date, and won't be able to bring in reinforcements quickly. Also the AI are terrible at using boats and you should be able to sink a fair number of galleys.

On the other hand if the AI attacks you on an island you are in a similar position - you stand almost no chance of getting troops there before it falls (1 turn to land, the next they attack). The Scandanavian Mercs (4.1.1 cost 70 - Invention) will help I think: I intend to use them almost exclusively to take the Germans and rush my FP over there somewhere.

I guess the role of horsemen is non-existent here, I have a few but only to get around on some of the larger islands. I am building some bowmen now to upgrade to Scandanavian Mercs - the only real use of bowmen is that even with Invention I cna still build them (until I trigger my GA).

We are over turn 100 now - I will post a turns update tonight. I caught up in tech with a min gamble on Currency that I lost by 5 turns (I could still sell to 3 AI and I used my free Middle Age tech to get more techs, etc). I am now researching Theology as I think it will be better for trade and I am in no hurry to get the AI to Invention quicker than I need to. Killer is stuck well in the Ancient Age in techs. :D

30-10-2003, 23:09
[lol] I posted this in the Gothmog thread first - it was pretty weird reading it back...

102 - Shit. I am 5 turns from a Currency min gamble and Persia gets it. :( I'm going to stick with it and pray.

104 - Russia demands WM and 73 gold. I give in, but only because I may want to trade with them in 3 turns.

107 - I get my 40-turn research on Currency 5 turns late and I can only sell to 3 AI now. At least it wasn't a total failure...

Give Currency and 88 gold to the Germans for Construction.
Get Polytheism and 43 gold for Currency from the Ottomans.
Get Literature and 84 for Polytheism from Germany.
Get Code of Laws and 18 gold from the Vikings for Currency.

Me and Germany get Feudalism as our free techs, the Ottomans have Monotheism.

Persia, Greece and Russia all have Feudalism too. :(

Give the Ottomans Feudalism and 520 gold for Monotheism.
Buy Republic from Greece for Monotheism and 312 gold.
Sell Republic to the Ottomans and get WM and 579 gold - most my money back!! :D
Get 13 gold, 4gpt and WM from Russia for Monotheism. A very cheap price, but they are close to Killer...

108 - Become a Republic. :D

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14-12-2003, 21:44
119 - Pop a hut and get barbs. :(

123 - Research Theology.

Give Theology and 208 gold to Persia for Engineering.

Sell Theology to Greece and Russia for 32 gpt and about 30 gold.

134 - Research Invention at last!

Even though Persia also has Invention I can still sell it for 48gpt and 103 gold to the Ottomans, and to Russia for Chivalry, WM and 6 gold.

I currently have about 15 galleys - a large fleet is essential to take out the enemy before they reach shore. I will now build my Scandanavian Mercs to take out Germany. Killer hasn't got any Medieval Age techs yet and Germany is still missing Invention. [coool]

14-12-2003, 22:22
Screenie please ! :D

14-12-2003, 22:36
That looks like a classic map. :goodjob: to the mapmaker.
Maybe we should archive great maps.

14-12-2003, 22:54
It really is an amazing map! It is also heavily modded with lots of changes to ships and some other units, check the map making forum for the bix.

Here are some pics from turn 134:




Note I have a couple more islands to the East connecting me to a Gem resource.

14-12-2003, 22:54
Indeed its an amazing one and it required *literally* hours of work from DrA !
Its one of the bad things of spoilers that now most of us cant play it...[sad]

14-12-2003, 23:26
Well it could be fun to just play with in an Sp game. I'd love to play on it. Its the kind of map you could play with as different civs and enjoy each time. Map foreknowledge doesnt seem to be as big a factor as in most maps.

15-12-2003, 10:15
Well for me the "mystery" of advancing in the dark, busting fog, not knowing what will happen next is truely 80% of my pleasure in playing Civ. Therefore my lack of interest for latter eras of the game.
Especially on an a pelago map like this where discovering and making contacts is so fun :)

15-12-2003, 10:49
Like the map. Isn;t it possible to redistribute start pos,luxes and resource and reuse it. Sure u know it's an archipelago, but you dont know what is where.

Also map foreknowledge neednt be that bad in MP as long as both players start out even and both know the map. I played a lot of starcraft where you only have a limited number of map. So everyone knows how the map looks beforehand, not a problem at all.

15-12-2003, 11:10
I will be very happy to revamp the Map for anyone who wants a fresh start to it, new Civs, diff start position, and diff. resources.
Anyone interested can make a request in the MM forum for example :D