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07-10-2003, 11:32
heh, I beat sky to the spoiler.

Sky: You have Warrior Code and Masonry, I have Bronze Working and Pottery. Lets make sure to meet up asap - can you post your minimap so we can tell where we are.

Maybe I should go for IW @ min and you can go for Ceremonial Burial. I hope to get Alphabet from a hut - remember I am the only expansionist civ there is, so maybe I could even go for 5 or 6 scouts before I build a settler...

07-10-2003, 12:07
I sent you an email with all this info yesterday : did you not get it ?
Also I sent you a turn of our 1v1 yesterday but you did not seem to get it
...so we might have an email issue right now [sad]

07-10-2003, 12:12
Here is a copy of the email, of course we have the same ideas :D
Here is my start :


Pretty poor to make that a settler or worker factory...Even though I need to build workers for you and send them up your way so you can also make use of the indus : probably will build a road to get to you as well to trade luxes..but thats a bit ahead of now..

We need to see your start to decide on a settler factory, seems I have flood plains near me as well through the fog, but no shields...

I would rather you building loads of scouts early : I believe we need to use that expansionist trait ASAP and to the max as it is an advantge we have over them, PLUS the high cost of techs means we could reap some nice rewards from it :)
I would build at least 6 or 8 of them :D but am an extremist...
If it turns out your start is a settler factory it might be better to first pop a settler, found nearby, pour scouts out of that second city and then start a granny in the first city...

You probably know all that but it s better to talk too much than not enough, makes for good team work : COMMUNICATION ;)

Also brain storm sessions on strats would be very enriching....

Here is where I am on the minimap :


come quickly and have some tea and cakes with your scout [love] so we can start exchanging stuff...

Now for techs I obvioulsy did not go for Pottery but went min res on Wheel out of inspiration...and we need horses [devil]
-> Alphabet we should search once we have contact with the others since they start with it, will be MUCH cheaper...
You might want to go for Ceremonial Burial *just* to prevent it from popping from out of hut as it is the cheapest tech !

Would you not agree ?
Have you got a good start ?

07-10-2003, 16:49
You know with a harbour you cna get a 4 turn settler factory there?

My start is good - 2 wheat, I will post it when I get home.

07-10-2003, 17:10
Of course !
But what's the chance of that happening anytime soon ?
Am talking immediate settler farm, not in 80 turns, but you know that you're just teasing me :D

07-10-2003, 17:48
How about: Granary, [Worker?, Settler?,] Harbour, Settler, Worker, etc...

sheesh! It's only another 40 shields for a harbour - are you saying you'd rather not build it and get 2 food per turn less?? [eek]

07-10-2003, 18:48
So you really are not teasing me then ? [eek]
So can you explain to me how you can get to Map Making in the 20 turns or so it would take to build a granary ?
What do you mean by another 40 shields ? the Harbours are 80 shields afaik...
If it were an 1v1 or an SP game that would be the thing to do after a while of course (might in Republic by that time though...) however we are in a team game : let's try somethimg else !

If you have a food rich start, there might be another solution than building a granary in Beijing no ?

07-10-2003, 19:08

erm, yeah. Map Making. My bad. [rolleyes]

Harbours are 40 shields for China...

p.s. This is what happens when I post whilst sober. :D

07-10-2003, 19:43
What a team we are hey ? [lol]

Nit-picking and poking at each other with half true arguments...
In the opening 5 or 6 posts we've proven that we're just 2 chieftains trying to pretend we know anything about this game [lol]

This thread is certainly gonna be a lurker's paradise :D

07-10-2003, 19:50
Until now the open thread is better [lol]

07-10-2003, 21:54
okies, here is my start, perfect for a settler factory:


and my minimap:


scout is on it's way! research set to ceremonial burial @ 0%. I'm gonna wait to start on a level 2 tech...

07-10-2003, 22:13
Wow ! super start !
My idea of settling a 2nd city ASAP (before granny) to build scouts make any sense to you ?

09-10-2003, 12:25
Anarres, that is one incredible start. Unbelievably good. Now to hope the rest of the land is good as well.

Sky, why not first move the worker and then settle. You could have built next to that wheat :)

It is probably an old world. Lots of grass, don't see any mountains. Your plan is probably to swarm either Kemal or Propain with riders I think?

09-10-2003, 14:35
Eldakkar, oh that would be a wrong move in *my* book (not my book is not the Bible ;) ) :
Moving out of the coast is a waste of, the 3 coast tiles, any coastal improvements, wonders, naval units PLUS those 2 rare and valuable Whales !
That wheat will come available in only a few turns after the 1st culture extension, no biggie :D

09-10-2003, 22:47
Although I agree with you on not moving the settler, in general I don't care much for whales. They're only as valuable as an already roaded and watered plains tile, and you'll have plenty of those ;)

09-10-2003, 23:14
You forget a Whale produces 3 food with a Harbour (remember that Harbour for me is only 10 shields more than a settler ) ...and I sure don't have a lot of food bonuses with only plains and hills ! [eek]
Plus the extra gold...
Anyway between waiting for 10 turns for border extension to get the wheat and losing the whole coast advantage there is no
real debate for me, even without the whale ;)

11-10-2003, 19:09
Wow! Interesting discussions on harbours, whales and map mapping...:D;)

Don't know what you blokes think about wonders, but Sky's capital doesn't look too bad for a Collossus/Lighthouse, if Sky could establish a settler factory nearby.

Btw, 2x2 lets me think of this variant (under the right circumstances, of course!):
Wouldn't it be worth for one of you to avoid contacts (PP/Kemal), education and focus on TGL? The "spared shields" (for unis) could be spend on knights/riders etc. Then exchange contacts at the "right" point of time and upgrade the stuff (a Leo combo would be VERY nifty then, but getting Leo might be the problem in the first place, of course).

24-10-2003, 08:42
We are now at turn 18 in 3150bc and anarres' scout has just met our sworn ennemy the Ottomans :D
They were down 3 techs so obviously they had not yet met their stupid friends, the gay Greeks.
The Kempro team was very surprised and had to interrupt the power session in order to convene and discuss strategy [crazyeye]

anarres's Russians being the only expansionist civ, we decided to max out the trait and built immediately 3 scouts to pop as many huts as possible. anarres also came down my way so we can meet and exchange techs. anarres has food rich productive lands, whereas I sit in a desert.

Here is a picture of my lands :


And the minimap :


anarres is directly to my north, he will post a screenie later.

We are building up money hoping to get techs out of huts. This has been very moderately successful since we had 3 deserted huts our of 4, one map and one tech : the Wheel.
We are in dire need of Alphabet as this opening game is a race for The Great Library. We will talk more in detail about this later.
We are hoping on getting it from a hut (not likely) but counting on meeting Kemal who has a monopoly on it so the cost of researching will go down substantially...I can not fathom they would make the mistake of exchanging Alpha, as that would reduce further its cost and give us a fighting chance...

I have already 2 workers and Beijing might become a worker factory very early as it lacks shields and we need loads of industrious workers to send up to Russia and build a road between our 2 empires.
The poorness of Beijing 's surrounding is the main challenge at the moment.

24-10-2003, 08:54
Are you two going to pop that hut with anarres' scout?

24-10-2003, 09:35
Sure !
Both huts actually ;)

25-10-2003, 00:25
My lameass turns:

8 - Meet Sky at last, we swap techs.

9 - Pop a hut, deserted. :(

11 - Pop 2 huts - one deserted the other maps! [cry]

12 - Pop another deserted hut. [mad]

25-10-2003, 00:30
18 - Pop another hut and get The Wheel. :)

No Alphabet, but it's better than a kick in the nuts.

04-11-2003, 20:49
22 - Pop a hut and get maps

23 - I am thinking of settling where I am to get a GL build going. It has several BG but can't grow past 6. I don't think I will need size 7 to build the GL though.

Wherever I settle Sky will need to send me workers to help...


04-11-2003, 21:35
Hmm..its not a question of building the GL, its a question can we do it before the competition [groucho]
If they have a site on river and join loads of workers they *will* beat us to it.

Is the site between the horse and the BG on fresh water ? That seems a better one if that were the case...

04-11-2003, 22:46
23 - I found my second city where it is. Next I pop a hut and get a warrior. I'm not doing very well with my scouts atm. :(


14-11-2003, 22:17
26 - Pop another deserted hut. [cry]

27 - Pop a hut and get Horseback Riding. Hmm, not the tech I wanted...

Last turn and this I pillaged 2 of ProPains tiles:





28 - My scout gets taken out by PP, but more are on the way. :)

15-11-2003, 01:14
Gotta love undefended an undefended capital :D

[eek] I can see that green border down there, go make contact with Kemal ASAP !
Yeeha !

15-11-2003, 16:23
Hehe, pillaging irrigation/roads near a capital that is surrounded by -mainly- plains is really a punch in the face at this stage, I think...

16-11-2003, 22:06
Gotta love slapping ProPain and Kemal in the face indeed Grille :D

Here is my situation in 2630 (our last turn) :

We are going for extremes in this game and we intend to have some fun ! Atm we are trying a desperate plan to avoid KemPro
snatching the Great Library because Kemal started with Alphabet,so they have a huge advantage to get to Literature before us.
At the moment all the lands I need around the capital (it has a granny) are improved so I will send 4 workers towards anarres roading at the
same time towards him so we can very soon exchange luxes and stuff.
I have a warrior exploring the south coast, I am sending towards Kemal for some pillaging [evil]
As soon as I lose him I will send a 5th worker to pop those huts near me, so no barbs guaranteed ;)

19-11-2003, 21:01
29 - Pop a hut and get maps. [sad]

I will meet Kemal next turn, ProPain is lacking The Wheel and Warrior Code.

Here is a pic of the Kempro empire at turn 31:


20-11-2003, 00:44
Sky - I didn't start writing because I thought you probably had. Can you confirm please?

20-11-2003, 19:24
No no you should start writing because i am going to be blocked at one city for a while [sad]
I told you on the chat last night btw ;)

20-11-2003, 19:46
Hmm. OK, but my lux rate is currently huge, I wasn't planning to have to do max research. :(

20-11-2003, 22:18
Looks like a fun game to follow! :)

20-11-2003, 22:23
Jolly good indeed!

Let's continue our game anarres btw!

20-11-2003, 23:14
:D Sure! Sound great!


...are you getting Conquests? If so shall we restart with that?

20-11-2003, 23:19
I have conquests, got it yesterday. :)

14-12-2003, 23:20
41: I just popped a settler! [dance] The downside is that it's a long way from home... [sad]

Here is the KemPro empire:


15-12-2003, 00:13
Is that 2 of our scouts I see in Kempro's shitty lands ? [coool]

On turn 42, the anarSky huge highway project completed and the 2 empires drunk and smoked 'til dawn ! [stoned] [party]


15-12-2003, 22:10
As you know if you have been following closely the anarSky team is desperately trying to make up the deficit of Alphabet which the KemPro team started with. That is because the Great Library is a huge Wonder in this game because of team sharing techs and so on...
We need to get to Literature fast ! It was decided I would go max on Writing and anarres started with a wonder prebuild with his second city, ages ago ! We expected of ocurse Kemal to go min sci on Writing since he had monopoly on Alpha...
That is why u see this worm in my minimap : I absolutely needed to meet Kemal in order to discount my research on Writing once Kemal had it.
Well the plan worked perfectly, I met Kemal 2 turns ago (at turn 40) so we were expecting the cost of writing to heavily go down but nothing happened, we did not know if it was good or bad [scared]
Finally look at what happened between turn 42 and 43 :



Thats real good news, if Kemal started Literature we are still 18 turns behind them though :(
We will need fast growth in order to make up for all that time, we are expecting a lot from our pre-build !

16-12-2003, 11:31
Writing cost dropped between turn 42 and 43?
maybe Kemal missed to re-adjust the science slider (10% to 20%) and/or even forgot to set a research aim in turn 1?

Or Anarres possibly pillaged some of Kemal's 'worked' roads?

16-12-2003, 13:14
Indeed it seems a bit weird that it happens so late but its only good news for us :D
As long as it drops, its cool ! You might be very right in the fact that anarres possibly pillaged one of his working road at one point, we might also have made a mistake in turn numbering [blush] or it was a communication problem with his team mate as to which Tech should be researched by whom ;) or maybe he started his first turn going for Pottery at max out of habit [lol]

16-12-2003, 22:13
Turn 45 brought the following situation:
Builder Kemal and Warmonger Skyfish were playing cat and mouse with their 2 exploring warriors, Kemal was careful to move onto forest tiles, hills and mountains, well aware of my bloody instincts [vampire]
At one point I beelined for a hut hoping to release barbs since we are next to his territory.
Instead I got a deserted hut [sad] a recurrent theme for the anarSky team in this game, but I decided to chase Kemal's warrior who had left my range of vision and when I get the turn back he was right next to me the poor sod [devil]

Heres what happened :


And then :


War is very regrettable but we can not allow KemPro's warrior to approach our land, our cities are undefended and the TransSiberian needs to be defended at all cost !
Am not sure Kemal will appreciate though :D

18-12-2003, 20:55
Spot the 2 cool things about to happen in this pic:


18-12-2003, 20:59
I can see more than 2 :D

18-12-2003, 21:07
Cool thing 1: We are gonna steal their hut! (for the second time)

Cool thing 2: I have a warrior 2 tiles from Bursa - and they can't rush a defender!!!! I don't expect to raze the city, but it is possible!

18-12-2003, 21:23
Course u gonna raze it :D

18-12-2003, 21:32
I hope the warrior approach on Bursa has not been detected 1 turn earlier - could be that there's some defender(s) west of Bursa (if there's roads near Istanbul).

But anyways - due to total annoyance, I guess the Kempro has already gone furious towards you guys :D... and I cannot see a valium resource in their territory

18-12-2003, 21:54
The hut gives maps. [ponder]

18-12-2003, 21:59

18-12-2003, 22:04

18-12-2003, 22:14
i see you guys are online (not sure about Kemal he's not on my contacts)
if your doing a powersession, what is your turn rate like?

18-12-2003, 22:30
This week we have had 4 consecutive power sessions [eek]
Its an absolute record, its normally nevr like that, but the still tkaes between 20 to 30 minutes to go round and the sessions last around 1h30....so you dont achieve that much but its great fun, loads of bashing going ;)
Recently a heavy Diplo round almost got outta hand in a fist fight between Kemal and anar :D
In the chat we had to discuss rules me and PP exchanged insults :D
........but we still love each other you know [love]

22-01-2004, 00:39
62: I pop a hut and get Ceremonial Burial.

Shit!! I see a warrior from ProPain in the north. The most annoying thing is that the city I am going to lose (Sevastopol) was founded only last turn! [mad]

I am bringing up 2 warriors from the south, but the city will fall. I have asked PP if he wants to discuss a deal, he said he would after he moves on to the mountain. I will get a vet Archer from Smolensk 2 turns to help the warriors, it is dedicated to military units now.


Sky, remember to move your worker south, he won't be able to finish in time.

22-01-2004, 09:33
Us cheeseheads over here would call that 'a cookie made from your own dough' :D

22-01-2004, 09:37
quote:Originally posted by Plux

Us cheeseheads over here would call that 'a cookie made from your own dough' :D

[lol] Kind of risky to build a city without defense [???]

22-01-2004, 14:05
I notice all your cities are a bit sparse on defense, were are they all?

With a bit of RNG luck Propain could march through all your cities.

22-01-2004, 14:54
I guess this is what they call a 'partial' farmer gambit. Note I do have 2 warriors on the way to PP - another warrior is in the south fighting barbs, and Smolensk is my first dedicated unit producer.

I am a little worried at Sky's lack of response in this thread :(

I emailed him asking him to check the thread before he plays - if he doesn't move that worker he will lose it!

22-01-2004, 14:57
Don't worry mate ! :D
Am just really fuckin MAD at you thats why I was not responding !!!!!!![mad3]

22-01-2004, 15:00

Good. Not as mad as me! That city is brand new, and was built from a free settler popped about 20 turns ago!!! [mad]

22-01-2004, 15:03
What about "the Settler and the Barb camp story" ? [mad3] [mad3]

22-01-2004, 15:09
Weird - the barb in the barb camp just ignored me. Next turn I will settle which will disband the camp.

I sent a warrior to deal with the 'freed' up' barb from the camp, but another barb appeared from nowhere and killed it. I am willing to take a gold hit (when the barb attacks) to found the city, I think that is better than waiting for you to send a warrior north (if you could even spare one, which you probably can't).

09-02-2004, 23:00
Turn 65:


11-02-2004, 14:43
Turn 66:

Click for image (http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/anarres/2004211134146_2x2.066.jpg)