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25-08-2003, 17:49
I forget Sky's civ but I am Korea with lethal bombard.

We are playing the Sirian mod:

* Double the value of Wealth.
* Double the value of Tax Collectors.
* Triple the value of Scientists.

* Reduce Harbors to 60 shield requirement.
* Change Amphibious Warfare to a required technology.

* Move SS Stasis Chamber from Synthetic Fibers to Robotics.
* Require uranium as well as aluminum to build the SS Stasis Chamber.

* Change the Great Wall, adding a free wall improvement in all cities on the same landmass.
* Change Shakespeare's Theater, adding the effect of allowing unlimited city size.

* Increase Longbow offense from 4 to 5 and shield cost from 40 to 50
* Increase Musketman/Musketeer defense from 4 to 5
* Increase Rifleman offense from 4 to 5 and defense from 6 to 7
* Increase Guerilla offense and defense from 6 to 7 in both cases
* Increase Infantry offense from 6 to 7
* Increase Marines offense from 8 to 10 and defense from 6 to 7
* Increase Paratroops offense from 6 to 7 and defense from 8 to 9

Change the Maximum Turns to Research to scale with map size:
* Tiny Map: 25 turn maximum.
* Small Map: 32 turn maximum.
* Standard Map: 40 turn maximum.
* Large Map: 48 turn maximum.
* Huge Map: 60 turn maximum.


11 - My cultural border pops barbs, I have kept my warrior back just in case...

16 - Research Pottery.

17 - Wow, I forgot to turn my research off. Wasted a turn at Warrior Code. Set to Writing at min.

22 - Pop a hut, get maps.

23 - Meet France.

20-09-2003, 19:05
33 - I have met the French and Chinese too now. I buy Masonry from the French for Pottery and 55 gold.

53 - Sky made loads from contacts, I am last in tech. A few turns from researching Maths China and France get it before me.

Buy Maths from China for 41 gold.
Give India Maths and 5 gold for The Wheel and Iron Working.
Give Greece Maths for Warrior Code, Ceremonial Burial and 2 gold.
Give Carthage Maths for Horseback Riding and 1 gold.
Give the Iroquois Maths and Horseback Riding for Writing, Mysticism and 6 gold.

heh, not bad! I am 8 techs better off than last turn.

60 - I think Sky just got Map Making and sold it around, although maybe not - there are a few without it. hehe, massive trading possibilities!

After paying 55 gold and 8 gpt for Map Making, I spend a long time selling maps and techs around (Maps have to be sold and bought bit by bit when you are poor!). I get about 160 gold from the trades, so I am still down 50 odd gold on when I started. Fortunately I also have Map Making, Philosophy and Code of Laws. It's a shame I am so far towards Currency, Republic would be much nicer to go for now.

70 - Shit. Barbs rise up everywhere - this is a very fast tech pace.

I buy Currency from Greece for 100 gold and 1gpt.

Sell to India for Poly, WM and 29 gold.
Sell to the Iroquois for WM and 50 gold.

75 - The barbs have finally made it to my territory. I have lost 2 workers so far, and I have pulled the rest of my troops back and suched some spears.


11-10-2003, 02:26
87 - Declare war on Carthage, the smallest civ. Pay France 12 gpt for an MA on Carthage. This will get them to move all their troops to Carthage away from home. In 20 turns I will attack.

88 - A few turns from Republic@max India beats me to it and sells it around. :(

Buy Construction from France for 50 gold and 14gpt for Construction and get Feudalism as my Free tech.
Sell Feudalism to Greece for Engineering, Literature, The Republic, WM and 12 gold. [eek]
Sell Feudalism to the Indians for 60 gold and 16 gpt.

I go to anarchy and draw 3 turns! [dance]

91 - Become a Republic.

My empire is tiny. A bad bout of barbs very early, and the 20+ Horsemen form the uprisings really damaged my growth.

108 - Sell Wines and 1 gpt to the Chinese for Silks.
Give Wines to France for 8 gpt and 9 gold.

112 - I give China 10 gpt and get an MA with them against India and the Greeks and for Invention.

121 - Buy Gunpowder from the Chinese for 584 gold.

Make peace with Carthage and give Gunpowder for Monarchy and Mono.

Sell Gunpowder to the Iroquois for Theology, 33 gold and 5 gpt.


11-10-2003, 03:44
quote:Originally posted by anarres

I go to anarchy and draw 3 turns! [dance]

WTF! just 3 [:O] I have never seen that before... I didn't even know that was possible!

11-10-2003, 17:18
Yep. IIRC you get 0 to 3 turns dependant on (number of cities/ocn) and another random 1 to 5 turns.

24-10-2003, 23:26
129 - Research Printing Press. Sky got it last turn just before me and sold it to everyone. [mad]

133 - China has had troops marching through my lands for ages. I get Iron (which I have been sorely missing), Chemistry, Chivalry and Education - all for Wines and 208 gpt.

Now I upgrade about 5 Horses to Knights, a similar number of Spears to Muskets and a couple of Warriors to Med Infs. Next I demand they give me stuff until they are furious and then demand they leave - they declare war! :D

I cataput some Chinese units down to 1HP and and kill a couple, and prepare to take a couple more.

Joan is a tough bitch and it takes 26 gpt for an MA against China. I also give France 11 gpt for a lux.

Make peace with India getting Astronomy for Chemistry.

141 - Give Chemistry to Carthage for Navigation.

03-11-2003, 23:45
150 - Research Metallurgy.

I take Banking, Spices, Dyes and WM form France for it, and Physics from India.

151 - Damn, France has got Metalurgy this turn. :(

I buy Thery of Gravity and Magnetism from France for 167 gpt and get Medicine as my free tech. Now I sell Medicine to France for 176 gpt and Democoracy.

A net gain of 8 gpt and 3 techs. [coool]

154 - My MA with France against China has run out, I get my 25 gpt back. I make peace with China and get Economics and 12 gpt for Medicine.

157 - I demand France leave and they declare war. I use a stack of 10 Hawatcha to kill a musket and trigger my GA. 2 French cities fall and I set a stack of 20 Hwatcha next to Avignon.

This war will be painful - Avignon is needed for Iron, and it is on a hill. I can only hope 25 Hwatcha, 20 Horses and 4 Kinghts will be enough. There are 2 Muskets defending (defense 5) on the mountain so I don't expect to lose any offensive units.


158 - I take Avignon: H'watcha are indeed very powerful when used in quantity. I lost several horses in the attack, but only because I was lacking enough Knights to take out the 4 Muskets defending.


160 - Take Marseilles with Knights only and after agonising about it I decide to keep the city. I also take Bescanon after pounding it from size 6 to 2.

Sky lands 40 odd Cavs on my coast. I have no defenses around in my core at the moment as France is taking everything I have. I decide to call it a day and say thanks to Sky for thoroughly pounding me. [thumbsup]