View Full Version : Samildanach vs anarres *** SPOILER ***

25-08-2003, 18:44
01 - Send a settler north and the worker SE to the cattle before choosing to settle on the spot. Unfortunatly there is no second food bonus to give me a 4 turn settler factory...


11 - heh, I pop a settler!

14 - Research Pottery.

Found Bursa form my free settler, this is a 4 turn settler factory! :D

17 - Still not met anyone yet, I am truely isolated.

Barbs appear, I have to rush my granary at a bad time to ensure the shields aren't wasted if my warrior isn't enough against the approaching barb...

20 - I meet the Arabs - they need masonry and have Cer Bur and Alphabet - but I can't afford alphabet, even with 63 gold. I guess they know a few people, I will wait.

22 - Pop a deserted hut and kill a barb camp.

28 - I meet Korea and give them Masonry and Pottery for Alphabet and 5 gold.

30 - Wow, yet again I forget to set research. Set it now to Maths as quick as I can.

I have decided on 3-3.5 and 7-7.5 for my RCP.

25-08-2003, 19:08
I did a dotmap:


07-09-2003, 23:58
43 - Meet the Greeks, buy contact with the Iroquois

44 - Sell the Iroquois Alphabet and 4 gold for the Wheel.

Buy contact with the Indians for 84 gold.

Sell the Indians a couple of contacts for 3 techs.

48 - Research Maths.