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16-03-2003, 22:34
Me and Mel started a head to head, almost Deity level (Deity w. 2 settlers). Again, I have no list of the map conditions, hopefully mel will have them.

Here is my start:


16-03-2003, 22:37
After moving one settler SE to get the water access (and still get the ivory), and the other west to get a good view of the surroundings, this is my map:


25-03-2003, 23:44
deity with 2 settlers, nice!

31-03-2003, 13:31
Hi Guys,

I see the whoosie ProPain is trying to beat Annares.
lets see wheter this incompetent little man can do any damage at all.


31-03-2003, 13:47
lol, my friendly business partner is trying to get banned.

31-03-2003, 13:48
Hi Swingue!

hmmm... looks like this is the Mel vs. Annares thread... Sure you mean "ProPain"? AFAIK he doesn't play our Big Leader! :D


31-03-2003, 13:49
Hmm, that is going to be harder than expected.
What does a man have to do to get banned these days
What about censorship,

where is AoA when you need him?


31-03-2003, 13:51
Too bad this is annares' forum! Melifluous would have kicked your @ss threadjacking on his forum!!!! :D

31-03-2003, 13:52
Hi Swingue, ProPain indeed has accepted a match with me, although I haven't put up a thread yet because the game hasn't started. :)

Welcome to our inbred little forum, if you really want a ban you can get one for yourself by posting some hardcore porn. ;)

31-03-2003, 13:53
Erikk, when Mel finishes the map I;m gonna start a game against Anarres
We should start one too BTW.

31-03-2003, 13:56
Hi Annares,

Sorry for threadjacking, I thought this was ProPain's thread. And looking at the big smile in front of me he is having fun about it as well. So if post some hardcore porn of Propain, I will be banned?


31-03-2003, 13:57
Anarres, guess our posts crossed! Don't worry about my colleague here, he's a backward little man. He can't even find the right forum here when it's right in his face....

31-03-2003, 13:59
Yeah yeah yeah,

Sorry I don't have years of experience in posting on this forum. I do have a life!


31-03-2003, 14:01
Yeah right, constantly participating on student activities although your almost 30 and graduated years ago! If that's what you call a life, I'm happy not having one :)

31-03-2003, 14:03
quote:Originally posted by ProPain

We should start one too BTW.
Yeah, it is possible now, as the turns against Aggie get longer.

31-03-2003, 14:03
I know, you have to get your kicks out of my adventures you sorry excuse for a man.

I guess I really have to send your hardcore porn pics to get banned

31-03-2003, 14:24
Well here is my try,

go for a great hardcore pic to:


31-03-2003, 14:26
WOW COOL, picture from a concert of The Butcher! Love that and have to admit it's hardcore, it's no porn however so no banning. Sorry!

31-03-2003, 14:27
Damned still no banning,

31-03-2003, 14:27
quote:Originally posted by Swingue

I know, you have to get your kicks out of my adventures you sorry excuse for a man.

I guess I really have to send your hardcore porn pics to get bannedWell, if they are funny enough I won't ban you, although ProPain may do so, as well as castrate you in RL. [:o]

Now Mel will be wondering what the fuck we are up to in this thread LOL.

Edit: Just edited your pic so it shows it instead of just a link. Use the MyUrl tag to do so yourself.

31-03-2003, 14:32
quote:Originally posted by anarres
Well, if they are funny enough I won't ban you, although ProPain may do so, as well as castrate you in RL. [:o]

Talking about castrating and then post such a smily...


31-03-2003, 14:33
So I have found out how to get banned:

It is not allowed to :
1) Post hardcore or children pornography.
2) Post racist material or make racist comments.
3) Post homophobic material or make homophobic comments.
4) Flame constantly and without letup.
5) Spam to the extent that other posters can not use the forum, although spam in general is not a no-no here.

Let's try number 4 :D

31-03-2003, 14:35
He Propain,

You asshole!

31-03-2003, 14:36
You're doing nice on no. 4 also Swingue! Quit this or I'll punish you by making you a moderator instead of banning you. Let's see how you deal with that.....

31-03-2003, 14:36
When God was giving out intelligence you just missed out,
as well as good looks,
what the hell did you get

I know your IQ is about the same as the backside of an unpainted white picketed fence

31-03-2003, 14:38
Sure moderator,
I'll moderate you, you filthy pig
may your sons look like Saddam and Bush
(or a mixture which would be really creepy)

MODERATOR ACTION: You're being punished for spamming Swingue. Adjusted you post count to -100; PP

31-03-2003, 14:41
Ah, so you'r fighting dirty my friend

31-03-2003, 14:43
I am sure you two are kissing up right now....

On who's desk, if I may ask?

31-03-2003, 14:44
anybody soup?

31-03-2003, 14:50
Propain is a leftwing radical student activist

(I know he really doesn't like this)


MODERATOR ACTION: Adjusted your profile;PP

31-03-2003, 14:57
Basicly I am banned now
I can't change my profile
My messages are getting edited

What is this Censorship?

31-03-2003, 14:59
I'm nbot editing, I'm letting you know you;re being moderated. No text of yours is being deleted. And you CAN change your profile but you have to use the right username :)

31-03-2003, 15:01
yeah yeah,

If you change the username while I am writing that is easy
you wanker

I see being moderator has its advantages

31-03-2003, 15:04
'Cleaning my RoboSuck'


31-03-2003, 15:15
Silly silly wanker.

31-03-2003, 15:33
This thread is now for posts concerning my game with Mel only.

You twatting cunts are filling my thread with shit! If it weren't so fucking time consuming I would move all these threadjack posts to OT, I may still do so when I have more time.

Now, post about the game or get it deleted. :)

22-04-2003, 12:13
Looks like both the spam and the game ended....

22-04-2003, 13:31
The game is still moving, although at a reduced rate of about 2 or 3 turns a week. [sad]

I am working on Mel to get his act together. ;)

22-04-2003, 14:03
quote:Originally posted by anarres

The game is still moving, although at a reduced rate of about 2 or 3 turns a week. [sad]

I am working on Mel to get his act together. ;)

Yeh I am having the same experience.

Except I have stopped hassling him, thinking i was becoming an annoying fecker.

Crack the whip[whipped]

05-05-2003, 01:31
43 - Build my third city Tokyo.

48 - Found Edo. Edo and Tokyo share 2 cattle tiles

52 - Found Satsuma.

58 - Research Writing, set to Map Making @ 100% (23 turns)

61 - Finally I meet Russia, I've been able to see their border for about 30 turns now. :D

Russia is as lonely as me, no contacts at all. I get Horseback Riding and 20 gold for Writing. Russia still have Masonry and Bronze Working. I hope they will not be going for Map Making now...

65 - Build Nara

73 - 4 turns from Map Making and Russia has it! [cry] I buy it for WM and 84 gold. I set research to Mysticism @ 100% (6 turns)

77 - Research Mysticism, sell to the Russians for WM and 82 gold. Set to Philosophy.





06-05-2003, 10:46
yuk, horrible land.

06-05-2003, 12:15
Looks like what Kemal and I got. We had 4 billion year earth, this looks similar. Maybe Mel used random map conditions. Does Russia have the same crappy grounds or were they more lucky?

07-05-2003, 19:13
OK so I have finally found the thread where Noobs get banned ! [band]
Yeeha !
Who shall I start insutling then ? [confused]

09-08-2003, 02:06
77 (AI) - 2 Russian horses appear on my island next to a city! [eek]

78 - I ask the 2 Russian horsemen to leave, they declare war. Kill them both, losing 2 warriors in the process.

81 - Meet the Babs to the SE. They haven't got contact with Russia yet. Give Writing for Bronze Working, Masonry, WM and 63 gold. :D

I can see Mel's borders on the far side of the Babs!

82 - Meet Korea to the West. :D

Korea has contact with Mel (Chinese) and the Spanish. Contact with Mel is very cheap (about 80 gold)), but contact with the Spanish is much more. In the end I pay WM, Horseback Riding and 147 gold.

Get Iron Working, WM and 146 gold from the Babs for Map Making. Mel now has contact with the Babs, and since he knows the Koreans and Spanish no-one can be the tech broker.

[lol] I meet Greece too to the south!!!!

This turn I made several hundred gold from trades, as well as the techs.

085 - Research Philosophy, set to Republic @ 100 gold.

Sell Phil to the Koreans for Maths and 81 gold.

087 - Finally I find France! :D

104 - Sell Furs to Russia for 135 gold. They may attack again and now they will lose a lux.

Turn 108:



09-08-2003, 02:08
I am building my FP in the best place for the island, and I will invade either Russia or Babylon to jump my palace to.