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20-08-2003, 15:02
Here it is - I am Russia, Jack is Rome:


My dilema was where to go with my second settler: Past the wheat to the NW to get floodplains, or to the east, where my opponents are likely to be starting. In the end I went east - that is most likely the direction I will need to expand to quickly. Note that my capital is a 4 turn settler factory! [dance]

20-08-2003, 15:04
P.S. I poped a hut next to my start when I settled and got Ceremonial Burial! :D

20-08-2003, 15:06
Well you already went east so whats' the dilemma ?

20-08-2003, 17:28
Jack is Rome, you already forgot? :D

20-08-2003, 17:30
blah blah blah...

I'm under pressure you know!

20-08-2003, 17:33
Poor boy, even with your week off (?) you are under pressure...

20-08-2003, 17:44
Just today off ERIKK. Next week I have some more free time though!

23-08-2003, 06:00
1 - hehe, I send a scout NNW to the mountain and decide to settle my first on the spot, and the hut gives Geremonial Burial. The capital is also a 4 turn settler factory. :D


5 - Meet Frenca to the North.

12 - Cool. I meet Spain to the south, they have alphabet. I can now do the trading I want:

Sell Pottery and Cer Bur and 22 gold to France for Masonry.
Sell Pottery and Cer Bur to the Spanish for Alphabaet and 10 gold.

14 - Pop a warrior from a hut.

15 - SHIT! I forgot to st science after my trades. [sad] I set it now to Maths, as high as the lux rate will allow.

17 - Disease in Moscow. :(

18 - More disease! [mad]

22 - Meet Germany to the east. Sell them Alphabet for Warrior Code and 26 gold.

27 - Meet China also to the east. They are ahead in thech, they have The Wheel. I sell Masonry to Spain for 25 gold before someone else does. Germany now has Iron Working. I am 20 turns from Masonry.

28 - Wow, I thought I had shit luck from getting almost no huts, but I discover a second one and pop a settler. :D

36 - Meet the Japanese miles away to the NE. I also know Arabia now - not sure how that happened? [eek]

mmm, brokering is possible!

Arabia: has 25 gold and worker, needs Alphabet
China: has IW, Wheel, Myst
Japan: has IW, Wheel, Myst but doesn't have Masonry. From what he will pay I assume he doesn't have many contacts either.
Germany: has IW, Wheel
France: has Wheel, 157 gold
Spain: 25 gold

Buy Mysticism from the Japanese for Masonry and 16 gold.
Buy Iron Working from the Germans for Mysticism and 73 gold.
Buy The Wheel from France with 109 gold for Mysticism.
Give Mysticism and Alphabet to Arabia for a worker and 20 gold.
Sell Spain Mysticism for 25 gold.

All in all I made 3 techs, 65 gold and a worker. :D

40 - In the last couple of turns I've made about 150 gold from selling techs to civs who suddenly found money (goody huts).

This turn Germany has Writing, I get it and 10 gold for contacts with the Japanese and French.
Sell Japan contacts with France and Spain (both broke) for 80 gold. Japan has contact with Rome (Jack)
Sell Arabia contact with the French for 25 gold.

There are plenty more contacts to be sold around, but only Germany has cash now, and they have full contacts (apart from Rome). I decide against getting contact with Jack myself as I am bound to be ahead in tech and I don't want to lower his tech costs (he only knows Japan, and they don't have Writing). Japan now has contact with everyone but Arabia, so they are unlikely to pay much for tech (even if they had money, which they don't).

All in all, I'm fairly happy with my position. :)

41 - hehe, more trades...

Sell contact with the Arabs to France for 25 gold.
Sell contact with the French and Arabs to the Chinese for 73 gold.
Damn! The Spanish and Germans have got contact with Jack from Japan. [sad]

Everyone is pennyless apart from Japan, who have 85 gold, presumably from selling Jack's contacts.

42 - I finally buy contact with Jack, he only needs contact with the Arabs and the French.

46 - Research Maths.

25-08-2003, 18:42
54 - hehe, I find Jack:

I guess my scout is a gonner...


55 - Wow, Jack didn't kill the scout, so I carry on through his territory.

Germany has learned Map Making. I pay him Maths, WM and 209 gold for it.
Sell Maths to the French for Horseback Riding, WM and 26 gold.
Do a a straight WM trade with China.
Sell WM to Japan for WM and 33 gold.
Trade WM to Spain for WM and 73 gold.
Sell WM to Arabia for WM and 25 gold.
Sell WM to Germany for 39 gold.

hehe, all the AI are empty with the exception of Germany. Only France and Germany have Maths apart from me, and only Germany has Map Making apart from me. Jack is about 7 or 8 techs behind.

56 - Shit, Philosophy has suddenly appeared with 3 AI. I sell Map Making to get it.

57 - Now Code of Laws is here. I get that with Map Making too.

63 - The Germans demand TM and 46 gold! Wow, that is a lot, but they are the biggest atm and I really don't want a war...

Give Arabia HorsebackRiding and Map Making for 2 workers.

66 - Trade Wines to France for Furs.

69 - Japan demands cash, since they are next to JAck I refuse and they declare war. Hopefully they will build a large army! :D

73 - Research Currency.

Give France Currency and 15 gpt for Construction.
I can get to the Middle Ages now, and I can sell techs around to pay for MA's aginst Jack. It's too good an oppertunity to miss, so I declare war against Jack.
Give China Construction and Currency for Polytheism, WM, 26 gold and an MA aginst Jack.

I am now in the Middle Ages and it's only 1175BC! [eek]

And Feudalism is my free tech!!!

Give Germany Currency and Construction for WM, 70 gold and an MA aginast Jack.
Give Spain Currency for 125 gold and WM.
Give Arabia HBR for 27 gold and WM.

74 - Give the Spanish Construction for an MA aginst Jack.

77 - Make straight peace with Japan. Establish an embassy.

Everyone seems to be getting Feudalism, so I sell it to France for 2 lux and 60 gold before she gets it anyway.


25-08-2003, 19:18
A dotmap from turn 40:


And my map from turn 80:


07-09-2003, 23:51
81 - Sell Construction to France for Literature.

Sell Lit to Germany for WM and 118 gold.

91 - Since I got Lit I've been building Libraries. They came so fast I didn't notice Republic creep up on me! I go to anarchy straight away, back in 5 more turns.

93 - Jack just rushed and completed the Great Library. I sell and give techs to everyone so he can't make money or peace with them, and can't buy MA's against me.

96 - Become Republic.

97 - Germany and France get Monotheism. I wait a turn to buy it to make sure Jack has it (to lower the cost).

Buy Mono for 586 gold and 11 gpt for the Germans. Get 2 luxs form China and some gold from Japan for it.

105 - France has Theology. I will wait for Jack to get it and then go for Education @ Max.

111 - Buy Theology from China for 666 gold and 10 gpt. Get Chivalry from the Spanish for Theology, I am suprised Jack missed gifting it to them...

119 - Declare war on France. I take no losses and capture 3 cities! France now has only Iron, I have both their horses. :D

128 - Germany demand TM and 20 gold, I give it.

129 - At last I take PAris and build my FP nearby with my leader. I have many settlers heading north to build my scond core.

135 - I have all but one French city. There is one productive city left to build, and space for a few corrupt ones for workers.

I decide to leave 1 Frence city and make peace. I get Engineering, Printing Press, Education, 26 gold and 1 gpt.

I get Invention, WM and 15 gold for Education and Printing Press from Arabia.

147 - Research Metallurgy. I have been building infrastructure, the Germans are being taken care of by the Spanish, and I have taken anisolated German city near me.

152 - The Spanish also get Metallurgy so I sell it to the Chinese for 64gpt and 173 gold. I wanted Physics from the Chinese, but was just a little short of cash. I was hoping they would sell it to someone so I could afford it. :(

154 - Research Military Tradition.

20-09-2003, 20:06
155 - My 20 turns of peace has ended with the French. I take out the last 2 French cities with Cossacks and trigger my GA.

Now I pay China 17 gpt for an MA against the Germans. Since my Rep was broken with Germany I should be able to do gpt deals.

hehe, I pay China 141 gpt for Physics. Now I pay China 618 gpt for Theory of Gravity, Magnetism, Democracy, Music Theory, Navigation, 96 gold and WM. And finally, I declare war on China. [mischief]

Cool, I get Steam Power for my free tech! [dance]

159 - My MA with Spain against Germany runs out and I take a couple of Spanish cities.

160 - Make peace with Germany and pay 300 gpt for Medicine and MA's agianst Rome, China, and Spain. Instantly declare war again.

161 - Take 4 Spanish cities for minimal loss. I am buildign Libs and Uni's almost exclusively, with Markets and Banks after.

163 - Take another Spanish city and raze it. In it's place goes my own city grabbing Incense, my 6th lux.

Make peace with China and get Nationalism and an MA against Jack and Germany for 650 gpt. I immediately redeclare war.

164 - Take 2 German cities including Dyes, my 7th local lux. I am only missing Gems, and the 3 in our world are on the border between Jack and China.

I get 12 gpt and 8 gold, and a 1 tile island city near Jack from Spain, and 16 gpt and 7 gold from Germany for peace.

21-09-2003, 02:01
That damned reputation/peace bug ! [aargh] Not fair [mad]

11-10-2003, 03:23
168 - Research Replacable Parts.

Give Arabia Dyes, Furs and 2 gpt for an MA against Jack. He has a couple of cities securing a lux on the Arabian peninsula.

171 - AT LAST!!! China will talk and they give 120 gold for peace. I come out of war-time mobilisation and reset all my cities.

The 4 Spanish cities left make a quick treat for my Cossacks, they are gone.

172 - Research Scientific Method and set my pre-build to get the ToE this turn.

I take Atomic Theory and Electronics as my two free techs, and rush Hoovers with my leader. I am quite far ahead in tech now, and I can afford to sell Rlectricity without helping Jack too much from it. I get 54 gpt from China and 43 gpt from Germany.

173 - Complete Hoover Dam. :D

Make an RoP with Arabia so I can get to Jack. I also want to build roads to connect our empires so I can take their cities in a bit.

176 - I get bored waiting for factories and building Infra that I decide to take out the Arabs before they build any Riflemen or get to Infs. I take 5 out of their 10 cities with my (smallish) stack of 23 Cav and lots of support workers. They have lots most of their resources and are effectively crippled already.

177 - Research Industrialization. Raze an Arab city and capture another.