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11-08-2003, 01:21
9 - Pop a deserted hut. :(

17 - Research Pottery, switch Istanbul to Granary.

Pop barbs from a hut. [cry]

Turn research off. I want to trade for Alphabet then go min on Maths.

AI - One barb attacks and take 1 HP off, the other runs away. :D

22 - Pop a settler fom a hut! [dance]

23 - Istanbul complete Granary -> Worker. Meet Carthage way to the south.

25 - I have huge amounts of room to expand, so I decide to move my palace to a better location. The white dot is my proposed palace site and the 2 rings show the possible city locations. The red city location with both wheat and cattle will be my 2nd city and will be a 4 turn settler factory.

My question is this: Am I better off doing a palace jump move my palace, or am I better off building my FP there and jumping my palace with a leader later? I guess it depends on how quickly I could build the FP, and if the extra reduced corruption from it would offset the extra time taken to build the FP.


11-08-2003, 07:41
A settler: very lucky!
Where's the AI?

11-08-2003, 09:57
You should do a palace jump by abandonment.
How positive are you the AI can not grab your blue sites ?

11-08-2003, 10:57
The nearest AI is a Carthaginian warrior about 10 tiles south of the pic, heading north.

Unless the AI are on steriods they will be lucky to deny me any city sites.

11-08-2003, 17:45
Have you talked with Yndy about your RCP plan? Since some people (not me) would consider RCP as an exploit, I'm not sure if that is part of his "No exploit" rule that you have agreed to.

11-08-2003, 18:34
I asked him to elplicitly state all exploits for me.

He said: (as per GOTM: no scout denial; no mobilisation exploit; no gold mine exploit; no pop-rushing cities)

So I guess RCP is fine. I know for a fact that RCP is unenforcable anyway, only a crazy person would step in to that do-do. Can you imagine it: "Hey! Those 3 cities are all 4.5 tiles from your capiital!", "But they were the best spots!", "YOU CHEATER!!! JUDGE! MODERATOR! ADMIN!" blah blah blah ;)

I was actually wondering if the second ring was too far away, but I don't think so - not too many tiles wasted, and many many overlapping. Weird, since people were quoting 3.5 to 4.5 and 7 to 7.5 as 'normal' in the RCP strat thread at CFC....

11-08-2003, 20:33
I haven't read the RCP thread at CFC but I've thought a bit about the concept.

I think that not everyone would put a city at every possible location within their ring at a given distance.
In fact many times you can't even get close to that.

Say you did 6 or 7 only in your first ring, then you might want your second ring a bit closer.

11-08-2003, 21:12
Why do you want to settle the Pallace (or FP) city on that white spot?
Wouldn't it be better to move the white spot one tile to SW (can't see if it's a mountain tile)?
As I see it, you could put an additional city into the first ring. Of course, that one wheat tile would be wasted, but if you wanted to build the FP on the "moved" white spot, you could keep Istanbul (when you plan with that "un-normal" distance-9-ring;)) and GL-rush a Pallace later in a fine spot you're not aware of now. Looks like one city would drop out the 2nd ring then, though.

11-08-2003, 22:34
Gl-rushing is nice but what if you dont get any...or only in the Modern Age ?
One of the things I learned in playing this game at higher levels is to never count on Leaders to do the work for you...

Grille : also to lose a wheat on FP just one for one more city when you already have a first ring of 11 (eleven !!!!) cities thats' really nit picking, in Dutch we would say Ant fucking :D ..... also makes no sense *in my eyes*

11-08-2003, 22:46
Another issue with putting your second ring at distance 9 rather than closer is that it makes it more difficult to get good use out of your FP.

12-08-2003, 01:02
quote:Originally posted by Skyfish

Gl-rushing is nice but what if you dont get any...or only in the Modern Age ?
One of the things I learned in playing this game at higher levels is to never count on Leaders to do the work for you...

Grille : also to lose a wheat on FP just one for one more city when you already have a first ring of 11 (eleven !!!!) cities thats' really nit picking, in Dutch we would say Ant fucking :D ..... also makes no sense *in my eyes*

Ant fucking: Yeah, maybe. But I *think* I would put a city on the wheat anyway (assuming here that the FP city could be one tile to the SW of the actual white spot). Not right away, of course, I'd rather grab the wheat by culture and let another city work it for quite a while, but later I'd certainly plop "Ant Fucking City" on the wheat.:D At least if I wanted to build my second ring at distance 9.
(When the 2nd ring is closer, it's a different debate.)

About the GL: In my humble (RCP) experience, I always needed a GL to establish the second core. Of course, you can't count on a GL and a hand-made FP may be possible on some maps.

I like to have the FP (which would be built early then) as center of the first core for RCP style games, thus I can have a benefit of both FP and Pallace ASAP.
I always went mad with the long time unused FP build option when my first capital was the RCP center [mad].

12-08-2003, 03:05
The thought of finding a far away land to build the FP in dimishes with every PBEM game I play. The map request did however ask for a third continent, and it is my hope to found it with a Leader built palace or FP.

I guess if I go for a palace jump I should try smaller rings so I can fit 2 cores in just in case the third continent is taken by Yndy.

The main reason I chose the white spot is partly that the tile to the SW is hidden, and also that the most northern red city is my settler factory. I have to be able to pump every 4 turns, especially until I can build my FP or jump my Palace.

Ahh, my first proper chance for RCP and the decision time is now. [hmm]

12-08-2003, 22:08
I did another dotmap, with the settler factory as the palace site. This model assumes a second core, possibly on the continent to the south. If not a third ring may be possible, or maybe the corruption would be too great for it.

3.5 : dark blue
6.5 : light green
7 : dark green
7.5 : orange
9 : light blue (not really under consideration).

Suggestions on which two to choose?


12-08-2003, 22:26
Maybe 5 in the dark blue ring and all of the light green ring. [hmm]

12-08-2003, 23:01
Now you're thinking.

Both the light green and orange rings do look good with all those river spots. The orange puts furs in the first 9 of a city and brings incense into play as well with an expansion.

Actually the red ring makes better use of your western lands and the coast. Red - 5 rivers, 3 coast; dark blue - 2 rivers some wasted coast. Red and orange? Not using all locations?

12-08-2003, 23:14
The reason I like the light green ring is that you can get 11 2nd ring cities all with very low corruption. Every city in the first ring is detremental to the 2nd ring, to a huge extent when added up. The light green ring also makes use of land to the east, 2 nice coastal sites.

The dark green has only 9 city sites, and the orange has 10, but 5 at the top where it will be crowded, making 9 realistic at most. Using one of these rings would make the red ring the best choice for the inner ring, and the reduced number of cities in the second ring could be made up for in the inner ring. The outer ring would be significenalty less powerful as a result.

The blue ring also allows me to use the FP option, as otherwise I would have to disband the palace or have a city in the wrong place. After 8 cities I can start it building it, although this would mean other cities would have to take over settler produciton.

As it happens, I had to use the free settler and have settled it already on the most SW light green spot, so I guess that is forced now anyway.

13-08-2003, 16:58
Just stumbled across Qitai's latest discovery (posted in alexman's corruption thread):
Corruption appears to be equal in cities that have a FP/P distance of x or x+0.5.
Thus, a ring distance would always be defined by the integer number of distance (rounded down), adding some more variability for RCP style games. :)

13-08-2003, 18:18
I want that verified before I belive it! It would be very nice though...

14-08-2003, 00:21
Alexman says it's true so I guess RCP is much more powerful than originally thought!

It also means that a new dotmap is in order...

14-08-2003, 01:20
...and here it is.

The light/dark blue are the suggested first ring at 3 and 3.5.
The orange/red is the alternate first ring at 4 and 4.5.
The dark/light is the second ring at 6 and 6.5.

I have marked proposed city sites with black squares inside the coloured dots.

Since I have built my new palace/FP site already, and have settled a city in the 6.5 ring I seem to have little choice in the outer ring. For the inner ring I put the 4 and 4.5 rings on to see what would be possible, but with the green ring forces it seems too far out. Maybe I could have a ring at 4 and 4.5, with only 4 cities which I have marked on with white squares.

Hmm, I have a few turns to decide anyway...


14-08-2003, 07:47
confetti!!!!! [mwaha]

14-08-2003, 08:27
Indeed, RCP is becoming mandatory IMVHO. It is a shame that a couple of my games have progressed to far to fully benefit of this knowledge :(

14-08-2003, 11:57
Umm, suggestions guys?

14-08-2003, 14:34
Light green is indeed good...and blue.

14-08-2003, 15:22
anarres, just wondering, why did you have to use your free settler to build at this specific location? Wouldn't you have been better off delaying the founding of Edrine by some turns to move the settler to, for example, the location next to the spices (which you've already marked as future city sites), either left or right of it? It seems to me that location would have been much more productive than the current one, which also misses out on a possible harbor.

As for suggestions for RCP, I'm with Skyfish on using the blue and green rings.

14-08-2003, 15:47
Grr, I settled that spot because I saw a barb near it, and also because there is a hut I am going to pop next turn. Some AI will have 3 cities by now so I want the option of another one myself. Also, it is near th efurs, which is much more likely to be an area of contention with the AI than the spices are.

If I knew then that I could have settled on the coast to the NW I would have done, but I was 24 hours ahead of the RCP 'rounding' discovery. [cry]

02-09-2003, 02:02
Sincere condolences, anarres.
(Almost) as soon as you publish a nice dot-map, some new discovery burries the formerly nice city placement ideas/tactics. :(
Well, things can't be much worse than not knowing anything about RCP at all (if you didn't abandon your capital so far, that is). You had success w/o (intended) RCP I guess.

Anyway, the confetti turned into something?

02-09-2003, 13:23
heh, this game is moving quite slowly, but it is moving.

The RCP in this game is not going to be valid at all anymore, since it was and RCP design around the FP. I am going to have to rethink this layout and republish my dotmap, but I think it can be saved (I have about 6 or 7 cities now).

25-10-2003, 00:27
73 - Research Literature.

76 - Sell Lit to Carthage for Map Making and 41 gold.

Sell Lit and 44 gold to India for WM (biggie) and Philosophy.

81 - Finally I jump my Palace (was at Bolu):


30-10-2003, 23:29
84 - Research Code Of Laws, Republic in 19 @ 100%. I have enough in the bank to run the deficit.

85 - FUCK!!!!! I was going to trade Code of Laws away this turn (I was in a hurry last turn and so I skipped the trading) and Yndy has bought it up and sold it around!! [mad3]

I really thought it would be OK for 1 turn - Yndy was so about 8 techs behind, now he is just 2 behind AND I have no cash, no Currency, no Mysticism. [cry]

87 - Carthage have a lone warrior moving home through my territory. I have very little defense atm but Carthage has no troops mear me either. I have about 10 warriors / spears defending in the south trying to block them in as best as possible.

I desperation I scrape 70 gpt together and give it to Carthage for Currency, Horseback Riding, Mysticism and 145 gold. Now I demand they leave and they declare war.

13-11-2003, 11:15
whoops! (with only 10 units in teh south and facing merc's...)
what's happening now in your game?

13-11-2003, 12:14
Gotta love warriors facing mercs :D

13-11-2003, 14:49
I will post an update tonight - it's going quite well actually! Carthage has to travel very far to reach me, and their Mercs are quite thin on the ground (I have seen 2).

14-11-2003, 22:40
96 - Research Republic and go to anarchy.

Carthage complete the GL and Korea get the Great Wall. hehe, the Great Library will serve me well!

100 - Destroy Carthago Novo. :D


Weridly enough it was defended by just a warrior! [crazyeye]

29-12-2003, 22:50
101 - Become a Republic. :D

Carthage pay India for an MA agianst me. That's fine - the extra happiness will be nice, and India ia nowhere near me.

105 - Research Construction.

After about 6 or 7 elite wins I get a leader! [cool]

Since I am doing RCP and am not ready I won't save this for my FP.

109 - Research Polytheism. Get Feudalism as my free tech and rush Sun Tzu's.

110 - Send my galley west of Yndy. I have to meet the other civs, Yndy's private contacts are really pissing me off...



116 - Research Engineering.

127 - The war with Carthage and India is going very well. I have just taken the last Indian city on my continent and now I make peace, getting 64 gold and 13 gpt.

130 - I finally take Hadrumetum! A very well defended Carthaginian city. :D

This game has been progressing slowly, about 1 turn every day or two. We are now on turn 131 - Big Things(TM) are in the pipeline! I will update soon...

Note that China is heavily mobilised and is in the midst of it's GA. I am currently at risk of Rider invasion. [scared]

29-12-2003, 22:55


31-12-2003, 17:25
133 - FINALLY!!! I meet the Mongols! [dance]


Give them Engineering for contact with America, England and Korea, and Territory Map.

Take Oda from Carthage. I made a mistake moving my units on the hill last turn to attack form. I thought I would be able to move on to Rusicade this turn, but I miscalculation (it is still in Carthage territory). :(


Since I can't get any further this turn I make peace with Carthage. In 20 turns I will have better attackers, and the wonders or Carthage will be mine (Pyramids, Colossus, Great Library, Great Lighthouse, and Leo's in production!). I get Invention, Monotheism, and 13 gold and give contact with the English.

Wow! America have Chivalry, as do India and Carthage. I sell Invention to America for Chivalry, Theology, WM (a biggie!) and 6 gold.

Get Wines from Carthage for contact with America, Mongols and Korea.

Give Theology to Korea for Monarchy, 8gpt and 43 gold.
Give Theology to Carthage for 14gpt amd 11 gold.

Give Horses and Incense to India for Dyes and 24 gold.

Finally I give India all 5 missing contacts and the WM (which it is missing). They go form Furious to Annoyed.

All the AI's are bone dry now, and Carthage and America have Invention as well as me (Yndy is still lacking this). I fear Yndy is pushing through the top branch of techs and is going for Astronomy before I can fight back well enough. I will prepare for an invasion and try to hold it off until I get Sipahi.


17-01-2004, 15:10
134 - I found a city agressively on Carthage's border and steal their only fur (now I have 3). I give Carthage Furs back with Incense for 31 gold and 17 gpt.

136 - 3 turns from Gunpowder America and Carthage get it first.

Buy Gunpowder from America for 160 gold and 20 gpt.
Sell Gunpowder to India for Education.

I've decided to take drastic action and block the coast with my 50 workers that have now (almost) finished improving tiles, and since Carthage has a city with a tile on the coast I get an RoP with them. I consider it too exploitative to use workers in their land without an RoP.

139 - Yndy's galley has come to my shores, he will see my blockade now...

Korea gives 27gpt and 9 gold for Gunpowder.

141 - There are now 2 of Yndy's galleys sailing round the coast, one is heading in towards my southern lands. It is possible he can sail round there and land, but I could cover myself all the way south to Carthage.


28-02-2004, 01:27
145: Shit. Yndy has taken a lot of Indian territory this turn and I lose a lux from them. Only 1 city riots, but only because I cycled through them to stop more than 1. As a result I have to rase lux to 20%.

Not having a second core is really fucking me up. The threat of Yndy invading meant I had to stop fighting Carthage, which meant no leader and no Pyramids (owned by Carthage). The no leader thing was very annoying, as I had well over 50 elite wins. :(

I am now 7 turns from Metallurgy and another 10 or so after that to Mil Trad. I hope I can avoid an invasion before that!


148: Yndy has declared war after a failed tech steal, and catapulted 2 galleys and knocked 2hp from each.

Carthage pay me 113 gold for an MA against Yndy.

I see a stack of 8 galleys in the south. Fortunately my coastal block is almost complete on that coast.

149: Battle report from Yndy:
3/3 Galley vs 1/3 Galley nothing (promotes): dies

150: Battle report from Yndy:

Catapult vs 4/4 Galley nothin': nothin'
Catapult vs 4/4 Galley nothin': 1hp
Catapult vs 3/3 Galley nothin': 1hp
Catapult vs 3/4 Galley nothin': 1hp
Catapult vs 2/3 Galley nothin': 1hp
4/4 Galley vs 2/4 Galley nothin': dies

Gutted. I tried to protect an injured gally and succeeded in losing a galley and getting 2 more bombarded to 1hp. :(

151: Research Metallurgy.

Sell England Monotheism for 5 gpt, 15 gold and WM.
Sell Metallurgy to Carthage for Astronomy, 36 gpt, 40 gold and WM.
Sell Metallurgy, Furs and Incense to America for Navigation, Silks and Ivory.
Sell Furs to Korea for 8 gpt and 20 gold.

Military Tradition is in 5 turns. :)

153: I land 4 horses on Yndy's continet on what seems to be an undefended area...

154: Battle report from Yndy:
Nice try,

Battle report
Catapult vs. Vet Horse on Mountain : 1hp
Catapult vs. Elite Horse on Hill : 1hp
Elite Rider vs. 4/5 Horse : dies
Elite Medinf vs. Vet Horse 1hp dies
Vet Rider vs. 3/4 Horse 1hp dies
Vet Rider vs. Vet Horse dies 2hp

:( Oh well, it was worth a shot....


156: At last I research Military Tradition! [dance]

Since Yndy still needs Astronomy and Chemistry I decide to sell Mil Trad to all the AI. I get about 100 gold and about 100 gpt. Setting Sci and Lux to 0% I am now earning 410 gpt. :D

158: Whoops! Yndy has somehow got Carthage to declare war on me, even though last turn I renewed our RoP for another 20 turns...


I really should have put units on all of Carthage's resources so he would lose it if he declared on me. :( Oh well, I manage to take Sabratha and Leptis Minor, which I will use for upgrading my Horses.

This will be tough, it all depends on how many attacking units Carthage has lying around.

159: Here is where I start this turn. Note Yndy's stack of 15 Galleys, they are sure to land 30 Riders next turn.


I take Utica, defended by 5 Muskets. I had 3 Sipahi in Sabratha, but it also took a Knight and 2 Horses to finish it off. [:o] Utica has the Great Lighthouse, so I will keep this city as long as I can.

I also take several cities dotted around the edges of my core, there is 1 Carthage city left in the northern tundra, one in the eqitorial band, and 5 core cities. Fortunately 2 of the core cities are building wonders, so effectively Carthage has 3 productive cities left.

Now I am in my GA, and am earning 581 per turn. I should have upgraded my last 20 horses to Sipahi in 4 or 5 turns. Here is Carthage now, I will gift/abandon my southern Carthage cities if need be to avoid Yndy. By the time his Riders can reach north I will have enough Sipahi to tear his attack apart. Maybe enough to finish Yndy off on my continent and Carthage too, but we will see.


28-02-2004, 01:38
Wow !
Very exciting, this game is really open :)

28-02-2004, 10:54
Yeah! Not sure at all who will win this one. So far it looks good for anaress...

28-02-2004, 15:32
It looks good until you see F11. At 100% tax I am 1st only in Mfg Goods, not in GNP or Productivity. [cry]

If I set to 100% science I get 1st in GNP and Prod, but still, in a GA that kinda sucks.

As I was mentioning to Meli online, the biggest mistake I made in this game was failing to get an FP. My early strategy was based on a full 2 ring RCP, but the leader for my FP never happened. Still, without an FP 'm doing OK. [coool]

07-03-2004, 17:26
160: Yndy delivers yet another terrible blow: he has paid America for an MA, and I was getting 2 lux from them.

I take Leptis Magna, Carthage's defense is very low now - it was defended by just 1 Musket and 2 Num Mercs.

Now I gift Leptis Minor and Sabratha to the Mongols, and Utica to Korea. Yndy's stack is between Leptis Minor and Sabratha, and he can just reach some of my units, but he will have to either go to war or get RoPs with 3 civs (which will hopefully cost him a lot).

Carthage has just 1 wine left, which I have a horse on. They did have 5, so deals could be broken and cities could riot.


161: Yndy has taken Leptis Minor and Sabratha, but didn't get an RoP with Carthage to come after my units.

I take Rusicade and new size 1 northern tundra city. The loss of Rusicade now means Carthage has local Saltpeter.

Finally I gift Leptis Magna to the English. I'd much rather keep Carthage's cities for myself, and the easiest way to do that is to gift them while Yndy is around. I expect all the gifted cities either to be taken by Yndy or flip back to Carthage - either is good for me. If Yndy wasn't around I would be leaving them empty to starve, but hopefully this is the last city I will have to give up temporarily.

[hmm] I wonder if gifting cities with resistors quells them?


162: Taking the last non-core Carthaginian city (Malaca) I get my first leader! It really is overdue, and sorely needed for the FP.

163: I build my FP in Sivas - it isn't ideal but it's the best I have. I could do better buildign it in Carthaginian territory, but Yndy is down there too, with possibly 50+ Riders.


Now I take Theveste, there are 6 units defending, but all fall for no loss against my mighty Sipahi. [groucho]


25-07-2004, 22:09
164: I move 20+ Sipahi next to Carthage - next turn I will take it and attack Yndy in the South if I can reach him.

My long term secret project has finally reached fruition! Check out Yndy's core:

I have 3 Sipahi, 1 Knight and a 4 Horses. It was just what I had at the time, then a couple of Sipahi - it was going to be pure Sipahi but Yndy invaded my shores and I had to divert most of them.

It's taken over 10 turns for the ships to sneak around his coast, during which time I had to be careful not to sell my map to anyone. I hope he can't switch to many cities to Riders, I think I should get several core cities in this!



165: [aargh] Fuck! Yndy teleported lots of Riders back to his capital and killed my invasion force! I can't believe I missed the possibility!! [sad]

He gifted a city back to Carthage, and presumably most or all of his forces are now off my continent. My 24 Sipahi next to Carthge takes it, losing 3 in the process. There were over 10 units defending. Carthage has the Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens, the Great Library and the Sistine Chapel. I also get my second leader! [coool]

166: I use my Leader to rush JS Bachs. Yndy has gifted his last city on my continent to Carthage, so I take it along with another one, and Hannibal is down to his capital, located on Yndy's continent.

The Mongols and Korea get Printing Press one turn before me, I buy it from them for 11 gold. Now I make peace with Carthage to get Physics, I really need it now so I can start researching Magnetism this turn.

From F4 I can see Yndy is trading with Korea and Carthage. Korea take 19 gpt for an MA, and Carthage takes 3 lux and 9 gpt. Now all Yndys deals are broken and hopefully it will cost him GPT and lux's.

167: Build JS Bachs.

170: Research Magnetism. Only America has Theory of Gravity so I make peace, giving Magnetism for Theory of Gravity, 75 gpt and 7 gold.

I get Steam Power as my free tech!!! [dance]

Yndy has Theory of Gravity, so I sell it (instead of Magnetism) to Carthage for 40 gpt and 353 gold. I also sell ToG to Korea for Gems, 17 gold and 2 gpt.

174: Research Industrialisation! 4 turn research is pretty cool for Industrialisation, even in a goldan age. :D

175: Yndy's just paid Korea for an MA against me, so I walk in to Utica (a Carthaginian city I gifted to them) unopposed.

Losing Gems from them really hurts, I have to set lux from 0% to 10%.

183: Research Medicine. Yndy now has Steam Power, and F4 says he has an active deal with America. It costs Steam Power to buy America in against him.

Since Korea ripped me off I decide to do the same: I get Nationalism, Democracy and Economics from them for hundreds of gpt and re-declare war immediately.

187: Research Scientific Methods.

189: My invasion of the AI continent has begun! I figure neither Yndy or myself could mount an effective invasion, so I am going for a domination win before tanks. I should be able to keep enough ships available to move a considerable number of my units home if Yndy lands, and I will keep plenty of infantry at home.



191: I have to do 1 turn of deficit research so I can complete ToE this turn with one pre-build, and switch another build from Universal Sufferage to Hoover (before it completes).

192: Complete Hoovers! :D

193: Since America's northern cities are all gone I make peace with them and extract an MA against every other civ for the cost. Hopefully they have deals with Yndy.

Heh. America goes from haing 15 gpt spare to having 115 gpt. [groucho] I sell them Electricity and Medicine for Silks, 115 gpt 51 gold and WM.

3 Korean cities fall, there doesn't appear to be too much resistance.

194: This turn I finish off the Mongols. They were only defending with Spears against my Sipahi. Weird thing is that as soon as I finished them off America declares war. I guess the MA aginst them was part of our peace deal. [lol]

197: Finally we meet in battle!


Rifle takes 2 workers

Vet sipahi kills elite rider in NY
Vet sipahi takes elite rider to 1hp before dying
Vet sipahi takes elite rider to 1hp before dying
Vet sipahi takes elite rider to 2hp before dying
Vet sipahi kills elite rider
Vet sipahi kills elite rider
Vet sipahi kills elite rider
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills vet cav
Vet sipahi kills reg cav
Vet sipahi kills 2hp elite rider
Vet sipahi kills 1hp elite rider
Elite sipahi kills 1hp elite rider

From the attacking stack I have 2x1hp, 5x2hp, 3x3hp, 4x4hp.

New York is mine!!!

Elite sipahi kills 3hp cav NE from New York
4/5 elite sipahi kills 1hp Cav NE from New York
4/5 elite sipahi kills 1hp Cav NE from New York

Elite sipahi kills vet cav on American forest
Vet sipahi kills vet cav on mountain N of NY
Vet sipahi takes vet cav on mountain E of NY to 1hp before dying

Now I attack Seattle:
3hp vet sipahi kills elite cav
4hp elite sipahi kills 4hp elite rider

Seattle is taken!

3hp vet sipahi kills 3hp vet cav NW from Detroit
4hp elite sipahi kills 3hp elite cav NW from Detroit

Finally I withdraw my forces and abandon New York and Seattle.

In diplo Korea pays me 29 gpt for 5 lux's, coal and iron. I may as well get them building rails for me until I want to finish them off.

The Mongols also have just 2 cities, they are being kept alive with Korea to keep tech prices high for Yndy.


198: Battle report from Yndy:
quote:Ironclad is sent to retaliate and kills one citizen of Iskendrun.

I research Refining. Complete Wall Street.

Yndy's forces never materialised, and I suspect I killed a significant proportion of it last turn. I am almost only producting Sipahi now and are way ahead in production.

I take several more American and Mongol cities and re-settle much of the second island. I also capture a catapult Yndy was retreating.

25-07-2004, 22:59
Wow, going for domination sounds tough!

Since the game started just when only the very first stuff about the RCP phenomenon was found: did you made an agreement about an isolated distant capital later on?
Looking at the map, such a capital on AI continent would let go production capability on your home continents through the roof, especially with HD.

25-07-2004, 23:01
You guys are playing a really tough game on the AI here. And teleporting troops is a major exploit which is banned even from GOTM. But looks like it does not help a lot. :)

25-07-2004, 23:23
Domination was the only choice unless I wanted to wait for a Tank invasion (which would have been hard against the 50+ conscript Infs he could get every turn).

The rules were very open on this game, and very little was banned. Regarding the palace jump: I would not use the rank corruption exploit in any of my games, it is just too much. I am much happier in C3C.

25-07-2004, 23:41
Ah ok. Regarding teleportation and the 'Korean rip-off', I thought nothing would be too much...;)

<s>Anyways, I guess there was no domination win on CDZ so far (unless one side surrendered in time)</s>. Good luck!:)

25-07-2004, 23:55
I won domination against ERIKK and Gothmog, IIRC. ;)

26-07-2004, 00:05
What are you talking about? :D

26-07-2004, 00:24
Actually Gothmog gave up a little before I could settle the land, but I'm pretty sure about the other game.

I'm suprised we haven't seen more...

26-07-2004, 01:35
What's teleportation (in Civ3)?

Good luck with the domination quest, anarres! ;) To me it's looking good so far.

26-07-2004, 07:57
You have seen more domination wins. My game vs OPD was one. It included the total destruction of OPD :)

26-07-2004, 14:42
I must have missed to read those spoilers.

If you gift a city to the AI, all garrisoned units in it will be teleported by magic hands to your capital.

26-07-2004, 15:39
Cunning plan by Yndy. I'd probably have forgotten about that one.

15-10-2004, 17:14
Congrats annares, it was very entertaining reading your spoilers.

Also it was a very thorough RCP you got there, I admired it ever since I first saw your worldmap.

I never thought you were so late in discovering Cavs, then upgrading, I probably had a window of opportunity of 10 turns and of course have never though you would do a coast blocade.

Even without a FP your RCP managed to get almost the same results as my non-optimal core + close FP

In the end, my way of speeding up research by disbanding units had a serious flaw, I could not get a decent chunk of the second continent in due time and you effectively slaughtered the remains of my army in New York. (I thought you could not get there in time).

Like I told you, if I get cable internet I might return to Civ3 PBEM and maybe play you again.

To guys arguing about teleportation: We agreed on a set of rules, I used them to the max, what if annares didn't block his coast and I landed 50 Riders?

15-10-2004, 17:23
Cool, I still have the remaining spoilers to post, I will make time this weekend.

I'd love to play you again Yndy - this is proof that you don't need to play several turns a day to finish a PBEM. :)

Oh, and I agree on the rules thing. This is why we set up rules - so there are no complaints when people use them to the max. Your teleportation and my coast blockade would be "borderline" tactics for many people, but I was happy with both of them.

Oh, I spent many many hours deliberating an invasion of your continent, but with your Riders and my defense 3 Sipahi's it seemed madness. Your plan to invade me would have worked if you had landed in the right place at the right time...

16-10-2004, 01:26
Congrats, anarres!

Both spoilers were a good read, a very interesting game.