View Full Version : Aggie & Kemal: Additional rules for our games

02-08-2003, 14:42
Hi Aggie & Kemal,

I was thinking about our game last night and I want to run the following additional rules by you.

1. Suicide galley! Will this be allowed?

2. Great Library exploit - meaning to capture the Great Library from the AI and learn all the techs that known by at least two other civs that we have made contact with. Will this be allowed?

3. Give away city to the AI. Basically, when you give your city away to the AIs, all your units station in that city will be immediately teleported back to your palace. This method of transportation does come in handy if you need to summon your SOD back to defend your palace or whatever. Do we allow to give away city or not in our game?

Since I'm very easy, I will go with whatever choice you pick. Thanks!:)

02-08-2003, 15:08
I like to allow all three and especially see no harm in 2

02-08-2003, 15:22
I'm glad you say that...because I'm trying to prepare a little surprise for you in our game.;) It will be my signature move so you won't forget me. j/k

02-08-2003, 15:27
ok. We will see what happens. I know that you are a very good player and I probably get my ass kicked.[eek] We'll see how it goes.

02-08-2003, 15:28
How about we use rule 2 only in special circumstances, like when the GL has not been built on my continent? ;)

Seriously though, like Aggie I'm for allowing all 3 of them in our game.

02-08-2003, 15:44
Ok, I will try to prepare something special for both of you in our game.:) I'm not promising anything but I will try not to disappoint you.