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15-07-2003, 19:57
Deity light VS Nightfall both choose to go with random civs.

Both quite lucky Indians for me and Romans for NF.
Big thanks to Aggie for the map. Some more wheat to the south west :D.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/OPD/2003715195710_vs NF.jpg

07-08-2003, 00:12
Alot!!! has happened, I should really have kept a record of my progress :(.

Anyway we were on separate continents with 3 AI each. It is now towards the end of the MA, NF has conqered 2 of the AI on his land and I've mearly taken a few cities off the Korean and the French. An early rush against the French was a complete disaster :(. I REXed well though and control a large section of land, no where near as big as NF's though.

NF has the upper hand big time although I do have a plan.
Although alot stronger, I think/hope that his land and cities are less developed, most of my core cities are powerhouses whereas alot of NF's are around size 6 or less. So the plan is to fend off any attack and fgo for a space win.

The main advantage I have is I still have a GA to go through. We're using a GL exploit to hopefully give us both all the remaining MA techs. Once I get these I'm going to trigger a GA and build Universities, banks and maybe Stock exchanges in most cities and then hope to win through economic superiority. I have a weak millitary but have lots of cannons, if I can make it to rail road before NF attacks I may be able to fend off any attacks with bombardment.

I'm at war with the French who are huge and have good relations with the Koreans and Carthage. A while ago I decided not to take any more of their cities (mainly due to getting beaten back alot) and use them as allies agianst NF. My plan is to get nationalism first and get MPP with all the AI on my land and then maybe embargo NF. Of course thats a long shot but as long as I can stay as peace with them I can make alot more money from selling them stuff than I could with their land.

07-08-2003, 11:09
CAn we get a map please?

08-08-2003, 19:32
Well you asked for it...
As you can see from the minimap here kicking ass and chewing gum....
My only hope is that most of his cities are too corrupt to be of any use. I'm almost maxed out in terms of corruption and am hoping the fact that my cities are generally larger and maybe more developed will give me an edge.

God knows I need one, NF's strong compared to me in millitary and has pretty much all the useful wonders, except for the pyramids and is no. 1 is all the important demographics.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/OPD/200388192734_NF mid.jpg

08-08-2003, 20:10
1 turn later and much to my amazment I'm in the lead on MFG and productivity!!!


it appears france is in anarchy and it was they who were in the lead all this time not NF. Kinda scary in terms of France being damn good. This game could be decided by whoever gets them on their side.

By removing labourers I can tell that NF's mfg is 187 compared to 197 for me :D

11-08-2003, 23:04
Were both in the IA now we've agreed on peace for a few turns then were going to talk about war.

The Gl technigue worked brilliantly and got us all MA techs and steam power :)

I got a headstart on IA research as it took a few turns to gift all the techs to NF.

Although I'm in trouble now. The French have it in for me in a big way!!! :( probably because I razed a few of their cities a while back. I also have an appalling reputation. I discovered industrialization last turn but the French refused to pay gpt for it. I have deals with them atm but they will all have run out in 7 turns and I think they're going to attack me big time. I'm kinda bummed as I was hoping for a huge pay off from indust, the Greeks are willing to pay 200gpt but they're on the way out due to NF, and France are the big fish. I've prebuilt 5 factories so it shouldn't be that bad and while I am writing this NF has offered peace for 20 turns. So perhaps if the French do come after me they'll be alone and not too much of a threat. :)

I'm thinking about mobilizing if I can get nationalism but don't really know much about it, can anyone tell me if it affects research?

12-08-2003, 01:31
Mobilising only effects what you build, although it also halves culture output.

12-08-2003, 08:00
OPD, I believe that France doesn't want to pay, because they are broke. Your reputation hits you hard when you want to pay in gpt, luxuries, resources (or include them into a deal). But I don't think that France will refuse to pay gpt because of your rep.

12-08-2003, 10:06
From the CFC site:

Another benefit of Nationalism is the ability to mobilize your civilization for war.
When a Civ is mobilized for war, all cities building a military unit produce one extra shield in every square that is already producing at least one.
However, a mobilized Civ may only build military units and military city improvements, and may not build peacetime improvements.
Mobilization can be changed from the domestic advisor screen.
You need to end all your wars to get out of mobilization (not ture - one war is enough -Aggie-). If you enabled it during peace time you will have to start a war to get out of it

12-08-2003, 12:06
cheers for the info guys,
Aggie I think you're right about the French they appear to be losing money each turn on the diplo screen, and NF said the same thing last night.

I probably a bit too scared of the French, for a while they kept on declaring war with me I'd keep getting peace but they'd just invade my land and declare war again.

It looks like we going to have a race for ToE, NF is researching medicine while I'm on elec (5 turns to go) I trigger a GA a while back giving me a slight advantage although NF has Universities which I couldn't build due to the GL technique. He's probably got a leader ready for the rush but if I can get the tech first I think I can prebuild with a palace and switch the turn that I get it :).

31-08-2003, 05:33
Nice job OPD. I'm conceding this game, if you don't mind (this is why you haven't gotten a turn in a while. I wanted to find you online to do this, but I ended up on vacation and didn't have a chance, so I thought I'd invade your forum and put this in your spoiler where I was sure you'd read it.

If you don't mind, I'd like a rematch. We can discuss terms after I get back from holiday.

that's three games played and lost so far. I need to fix that :)

31-08-2003, 07:40
How did this happen [eek]. Congrats OPD [thumbsup]

31-08-2003, 19:50
wow didn't expect this, I thought you were on holiday now.

This was a very interesting game NF, one where you still have/had a good chance of winning,

Anyway I look forward to a replay if you are sure.