View Full Version : *****spoiler*******Once more unto the breach pitboss

18-02-2019, 00:49
Well if you are one of the players in this pitboss....



please stay out....

All others: welcome.

This is my diary.

Or whatever I will do with this...

Haven't played Civ4 for a few years. Didn't play that much multiplayer before.
Something like a single digit number I guess.

Well, let's see what I can remember.

Played one (single player) game last week, at least some stuff I can remember...

18-02-2019, 00:51
When I logged in, only Babylon was left.
Well, I think Babylon was quite, ok, was it ?

So, this is my starting location:

18-02-2019, 00:54
and this after I founded my city.
Look good, I think. Don't know what the others got...

Went for Pottery first.

26-02-2019, 10:36
This looks like a good start, with floodplains for gold and forest to chop. Chop wisely, young padawan.

16-03-2019, 17:29
Indeed, indeed, was even first in points a few turns ago.

Just researching Bronze Working for chopping and slavery...
To the west is rome and Matrix has found me.

I don't want to do some early war, also because I think, I have a good position to grow...

16-04-2019, 01:11
Founded second city a few turns ago.

Didn't chop yet...

Met 3 people (Matrix, jakeri (Rome) and killer(France))

Will grab the copper after building a library...