View Full Version : Parental ban and hockey game

13-03-2003, 22:45
So I wont be on much today or tomorrow.

Parental ban = no computer, except for homework.

Hockey game = no computer (duh)

Lt. Killer M
14-03-2003, 07:52
duh! What did you do?

14-03-2003, 14:18
I kinda stayed on the computer longer than I should've ;)

14-03-2003, 14:30
Ha! Parents, schmarents!
On the other hand, my GF kicks my butt if I'm playing too long...

Lt. Killer M
14-03-2003, 16:10
Shabba: then you both are doiung something wrong! She should do something nicer to some other body part to entice you away instead of hurting your butt to scare you away from the PC! ;)

14-03-2003, 16:15
I hear you speak from personal experience :D

17-03-2003, 14:55
This is past. Locked.